Trick or Treat Mother Fucker

Natalee named this post. Anyways. So many more new things from Tag Gacha! I know y’all have had the chance to go get all your things, but I wanted to show off these adorable costumes by Tee*fy! LOOK AT THEM! Natalee got all slutted up in her cupcake and I am milk – it does the body good. 🙂 ♥ PS – It’s late, Natalee wears alot of shit. If you wanna know more of what she’s wearing, ask her. Natalee Oodles. She’s friendly. :)))

Trick or Treat Mother Fucker

Trick or Treat Mother Fucker Inside –

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Pillow Fight

Hey pretties. Finally doing my first Arcade post since I’ve been at work all weekend. I grabbed Autumn for this post because these Click poses are ADORABLE! Anyways, enjoyyyy ♥

Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight Inside –

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Circus Roadies

Herro! Had a longgg weekend of work, but wanted to get this post done today because this outfit is crazy though I love it! So much new stuff for me to show y’all so I’ll just get right into it! ❤

Geek LOTD 734

Circus Roadies In –

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More Arcade Antics

Sorry y’all for the absence over the weekend. Usual RL work stuff ya’know? Anyways, did some buying/selling/trading for The Arcade and its been a freakin’ blast. I put together this outfit with some accessories and I really am super happy to do this post! My husband said I look like a Disney World tourist and I’m totally okay with that! Remember to jump on over to The Arcade when you get a chance! ❤

More Arcade Antics In –

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The 1980’s – Vintage Fair

The final post in my Vintage Fair collection! Had ALOT of fun doing these posts. I want to thank everyone who have posted with me, and the patience they have! This post I did with Peri, and it came out sooo freakin’ good! Good way to end out the eras. <33

The 1980’s – Vintage Fair In –

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So I was bothering people on Plurk about it being Monday and how I have off so I decided to do a post on what I do IRL and how it is to have a day off to me! LOL Anyways, enjoy! <33

Monday’s In –

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Blood Red

Put this outfit together a couple nights ago, but have been working so I’m finally getting it out now. Totally in LOVE with this hair! Logged on quickly to go and purchase it, been waiting for this one specifically since I saw someone put it up on Flickr! Probably one of my favorite up do’s! I really hope y’all enjoy this twist on these pants since there has been alot out blogs out on them. ❤

Blood Red In –

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