Lace Casual

Newness for y’all. One being this hair which is adorable and mesh from Truth. Also new lace top from KIM at the Private Room event also she has some mesh earrings there that I’m sporting! Enjoys! ❤

Lace Casual In –

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Cutest Leopards

Herro cuties. Wanna talk to y’all about a new shop, but really has been around for a bit. Its called Sexy Things and its the owner Michell’s new shop who was one of the owners of Sticky Fingers. There are the old items of Sticky Fingers at her new shop, along with of course new things like this top I’m showing you now that is mesh! This leopard mesh top comes in several different colors and sizes with the alpha!

Also new pants from Jane that are low rise and denim along with being mesh! Different cuffs, sizes, with of course the alpha.

New skin from Izzie’s for the Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase! Its called Delusional, comes in all the tones, along with several eyeshadows, lipsticks, freckles, and eyebrow options! Go pick them up as soon as you can!!!

Coming soon is a new hunt called Mesh Around by The Ego Co and these amazing rings from HANDverk will be featured for it! Mesh of course, and they are most definitely unisex. Loveeeeeee these rings so freakin’ much! ❤

Cutest Leopards In –

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Fun In The Sun

Hai. So some new digs for y’all. KIM has a new lace dress out that is hot hot hot, and great for layer! Also new hip bag from Pepper! Hair is awesome and new from Truth. One of my favorite short hairs right now. So much new stuff its hard to even get out there so I’ll just show it to y’all! ❤

Fun In The Sun In –

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All Bows

Oh hello. So I had this outfit together yesterday and I was excited to show it to y’all, but then ya know RL work happened. But Jane has some new mesh items out. These shorts which are just amazing along with these tops that have a cute little bow on the strap. Also these cute flats are from VERSHE and were out for FLF! Enjoy! ❤

All Bows In –

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Your Maid

Thanks to jillnarstrom I was able to locate this MESH skirt for you Gorean gals before time is up tomorrow since its only 25L’s!! 4 different colors, just a great item if you’re as MESH obsessed as I am! Also this new MESH top from AOHARU. I am in MESH heaven right now. <3333

Your Maid In –

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Full Of Brown

Hur hur!

Couple of things! First is the meshhhhhhhhhhhhh bag from the wonderful and oh so talented Tyr creator of Aura! Bag will be at the Back to Black event that starts tomorrow!! Comes in 3 different colors with 3 different hand/holding animations! Its rigged also! ❤

Next is this cute skirt which is from Pepper. The belt comes in 9 different designs, with the ruffles that changes to several different colors. It looks amazing along, and over items like I’m wearing!

Full Of Brown In –

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Poncho Girl

Just a girl and her poncho. In love with these high waisted pants. Wanted to do something different with them though, and this is basically what I came up with. A great free woman outfit for you sexy ladies in Gor. Enjoy! ❤

Poncho Girl In –

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Cynfully Chained

Some newness for y’all! New shirts at Cynful that are a bit revealing for Gor, but as you can see I made it work! They come in many different colors along with the tie that comes in either black or white! Also this MESH skirt is from Chain and Vine! Love this color since I’m always into black and white or brown! Anyways – enjoy! <33

Cynfully Chained In –

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The Furry Vest

Had this vest for a while now but finally decided to put an outfit on around it. Also the undershirt is from Epic and comes in several colors. Its just a great long sleeve shirt to go with anything or just a good layer for the Gorean ways. Anyways I hope y’all enjoy it! ❤

The Furry Vest In –

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Jane’s Sale

Okay sooooooooooooo I got the notice yesterday about a 50% off sale at Jane. SERIOUSLY I couldn’t contain myself. I went all out on all mesh items. Like I love her mesh stuff in the first place, but now I pretty much have everything in every color! Anyways – this is what I put together. Oh and this super cute skin from The Sugar Garden – except I’m not sure it even looks good on me! ❤

Jane’s Sale In –

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