The 1940’s – Vintage Fair

Another era for y’all to enjoy! Bells was nice enough to do this post with me! She is adorable isn’t she? Enjoy! <33

The 1940’s – Vintage Fair In –

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So Beachy

First I want to tell you all about something that is going on with me IRL. I haven’t been able to post that much this week because we -FINALLY- closed on our RL house. We are currently fixing it up for it to be move in ready, which is causing me less time on SL. I will most definitely be back next week sometime, and I am going to try to do as many posts as I can. Sorry for any inconvenience. ❤

Secondly KIM is at it again with a couple new releases for Tropicalia Big Bazaar. Two new outfits I’m showing you which I know is different for me, but I wanted to be able to show em both off! <33

So Beachy In –

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Stripes For You

Oh hai! Soo I am finally getting around to blogging this outfit I put together last night! Love the new items from coldlogic. They really haven’t put anything out I don’t like yet! Anyways, also decided to do the last pose set Eve passed to me for Pose Fair 2012. Its an individual pose set of 3 different poses. Love them so hard. ❤

Stripes For You In –

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Gorean Fox

Hai hai! Soo while I was at work the other day my girl Audrina posted this dress outfit that tres blah had released their outfits for Collabor88! I ran my ass right over there the next day and grabbed all of the colors. I thought it was just perfect for Gor having the coverage that it does. Also of course for you non Goreans, just take off the leggings underneath and you’ve got yourself a cute urban outfit. ❤ Enjoy

Gorean Fox In –

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Cutest Bow

Hai! So I worked allllllllll night on updating my blog. I am really really happy with my layout currently. Anyways about this outfit!

The shirt is from Coloreta’s! Its soooooooo freakin’ cute, comes in several different colors. I’m wearing the toned down version, but there’s also really BRIGHT colors, that I will be posting later on!

Pepper came out with these new mesh pants that also come in a variety of colors! There’s also a spring version featured over at Perfect Wardrobe! ❤

Cutest Bow In –

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Magika Colors

Sooo I just had to get another post out before I went to work today because of this fucking hair!!! So Magika released 2 new hair styles today. One was made with these awesome colors and its only 100L for 4 different colors in the hud! Just amazing right here! Enjoy! ❤

Magika Colors In –

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