March Fusion Looks

Heyyy! So Fusion March’s edition is out now! I had put together a couple of outfits for some Hot Spring / Summer trends and I’ll show them here on my blog a couple at a time since I did so many different looks. Don’t forget to check out Fusion Magazine.

March Fusion Looks

March Fusion Looks

March Fusion Looks Inside –

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That Bag Lady

Yeah I kinda feel like a bag lady in this look but whatever! hahaha. All the new things from Maitreya! I know y’all have already seen it a hundred times but I wanted to atleast show off my look right? ♥

That Bag Lady

That Bag Lady Inside –

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Going For Pizza

Hey y’all! New post with some new items. First is this hoodie from [ JP ]:dsg. Sooo many different colors to choose from with men’s and women’s sizes! Go and pick them up. I decided to put this outfit together because it’s definitely something I’d wear IRL. Especially since I’m from Florida it doesn’t always get hot enough to wear a hoodie with jeans. lol. But this skirt I can’t seem to take off. It’s from Miseria and at The Attic currently. ❤

Geek LOTD 762

Going For Pizza Inside –

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Stylish Home

Hello y’all. Gonna catch y’all up on some new HANDverk furniture releases! Also have new colors for the Cynful Tara’s Vest and Dress. Enjoy! ❤

Geek LOTD 760

Stylish Home Inside –

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They See Me Rollin’

Hey hey hey! So below Imma show you new poses and prop by Bounce This Poses at the Pose Fair and these great new jeans by [ JP ]:dsg.! The skateboard comes with 4 different poses, all you need to do is rezz out the skateboard and hop on. A blue window will pop up for you to select which pose you wanna use. The jeans come in 7 different colors. With each color you can change the belt color, the metal color, and if you want the jeans to be clean or dirty. I am sporting the dirty look below! Enjoy ❤

Geek LOTD 747

They See Me Rollin’ Inside –

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Lounging On The Job

Heyyy! So more newness for y’all. Really digging this outfit to just throw on when I can’t find anything else to wear. Also these shoes are new from [ JP ]:dsg with each piece of the shoe being able to change colors with a HUD. <33

Lounging On The Job In –

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More Tough Than You

Hey hey! Been really busy trying to make some items to release in a new store with the husband! Decided to take a break today and blog an outfit I’ve been holding on too along with new hair from Magika! <33 Enjoyyyy

More Tough Than You In –

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Rockin’ The Sweat Pants!

So decided to grab a friend along for this post, and Aspen was kind enough to jump in the picture with me! If y’all have never seen her pictures before, then you’re soooo missing out! She is one of my idols, I strive to take as good of pictures that she does!! Check out her Flickr here!

New pants from [ JP ]:dsg. that are meshhhh and have very many options! You can change the side stripes along with the color of the pull strings on the front. You can also have the strings hanging or have them tied up! Many different colors to choose from along with coming in female and male versions! <33

Rockin’ The Sweat Pants In –

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Relaxing Around Town

Hay. So gotta do a post before I go to RL. I did this outfit up last night, then fucked up and didn’t have time to fix the pictures. Then logged on this morning to try and post it then my internet went out so here I am finally getting this one out! Anyways, newness with this outfit from [ JP ]:dsg. Hoodie has many many options. Either you can have the print on the front or not, you can have the walkman out the pockets with the headphones or hide em. You can change all sorts of colors including the hood part on the back. Love it, including that its mesh.

Also new ! and ? tattoos from Vestigium, one that is on the back of your calves, the other that is right below your throat! Just cute!

AND new hair from Magika! One of my favorites from her right here! It has both versions of solid colors and Duo pack!

Pepper released new shoes that I’m sporting. They come in a couple different colors, and they are mesh! Along with a new clutch that goes right on your right hand, has some rings that cover your fingers and really sits very well in place! <3333

Relaxing Around Town In –

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Sporty Spice

Look! I can be as posh and English as Kirsty! Bahahha, totally jk! Anyways, new pants from LooP! Comes in 12 different colors, of course they are mesh with an alpha for alpha feet or not. Really digging this laid back Sunday look. Very simple, something to just throw on! ❤

Sporty Spice In –

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