So Pepper put out an entire outfit on the marketplace only for 250L’s. It’s only there for the holidays, and is awesome for a gift or just for an outfit you can get for an alt that you don’t have outfitted yet. I know this comes with jeans and you Gorean’s out there can’t wear them, but of course the rest can be used with some leggings you know you have in your inventory already! Soo, enjoyy! ❤

Outfitted In –

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A bunch of stuff to talk about hur!

First is Izzie’s Limited Couture event item which is the shirt I’m wearing below! Also she came out with a new gatcha for long Christmas necklaces. They are sooo freakin’ amazing!

Epic is at the Naughty and Depraved Gatcha Street Fair where she has out these wings I’m sporting along with some horns!

Enjoy! ❤

Wings In –

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