My Delusions

Another round of Grenade Free Wednesday! I know I already did a post on Epic’s items for this week, but now I want to talk about Delusions! Its the sexy slutty skirt I am sporting right hur. There are 9 different colors to choose from at 65L each, OR the fat pack at 299L! So girlies – get your sexy asses down there for this great item with an awesome fuckin’ price! ❤

My Delusions In –

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It’s That Time Again!

Yup, its getting to be cooler out. I live in Florida but I’m already feeling the temperatures dropping. Usually at this time my avatar goes a bit pale and sports some light hair, but Imma just do it for this post for now. I hope y’all enjoy the newness!

It’s That Time Again In –

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Oh hai! Sorry it seems like I’ve been lazy lately, its more like I’ve been busy as hell still planning my RL wedding. Never knew it was going to be so hard not having my fiance here. Well on top of hard its frustrating as hell. Blogging of course is my outlet, but don’t feel like I could do that alot lately. Blarg, so here is another post. Mostly for a store called Bullwinkle, got alot of cute creations so please head over there!

Bullwinkle In –

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Harv Gone Slavie!

Okay so I decided to put together a slave look for you cute slut butts out there! Mostly the outfit is from Boom, obviously its a non-gorean store, but look at what you can do when you put items together!! 😀

Harv Gone Slavie In –

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Oh My Odin I’M BACK!

I officially have my computer back. God I’ve missed posting so freaking badly. Oh and be aware. I will be posting alot tonight to catch myself up on products I’ve received for the past 2 weeks. <333333 I love you all and thank you so freaking much for supporting me through the time I was away!

I’m Back –

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Oh Hai Karma!

Ran into a store yesterday that many know, picked up a couple things, but mostly fell in love with this outfit. I’ve been obsessed with sweater with prim hoods and bottoms lately and this hit the spot along with the cute bone belt. Anyways, y’all need to go check out the store Returned Karma if you haven’t done so already.

Karma In –

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