I Can Do Better

Hey theree! So another round of The Fantasy Collective will be opening on the 20th! Excited for this next round which is vikings! Here’s a couple of new things below! ♥

Will blog later...

I Can Do Better Inside –

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Pirates Do It Better

Hey there. I put this piratey looking look together the other day and decided to share it with you! ♥

Pirates Do It Better

Pirates Do It Better Inside –

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She Doesn’t Like To Wait

Hey hey, This bathing suit is pretty awesome and I used it for a slave outfit cause I did yeah. Anyways, this is at Collabor88. Also this hair from lamb is there. Love both of the styles so much. ♥

She Doesn't Like To Wait

She Doesn’t Like To Wait Inside –

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One With Nature

Hey there. So many new things. Firstly the across the nose chain is by the amazing balls Natalee Oodles of Noodles. She has the gold and silver out for FLF right now! Also the headress is new from Keystone. The staff is new from aisling at We ❤ RP which comes in silver and gold and a HUD! Lastly 3 new items from Chapter Four which opened the other day! ♥

One With Nature

One With Nature Inside –

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Can I Be Your Goddess?

Hey there. I’m backkkkk. I had the best of time on vacation with some SL friends at Disney and now I’m back to the real world and doing blog posts! And now to show you some things from the new upcoming event Tales of Fantasy that opens June 10th at 12 am! Also this new hair from Spellbound is absolute perfection – comes with or without the feathers (hud colors for the feathers also). ♥

Can I Be Your Goddess?

Can I Be Your Goddess Inside –

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She Can Be A Bit Dark

Hey there. So yesterday I was trying to take pictures on the new updated Firestorm with the fitted mesh. It failed again. My computer just completely crashes when I take a photo. Sad because I wanted to do this post with the Wowmeh body. Ugh. Anyways, new things from the Dark Style Fair along with new heels from Just Design at The Boutique. ♥

She Can Be A Bit Dark

She Can Be A Bit Dark Inside –

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Taking What He Wants

Heyyyyyyyy. So I had to ask a friend to come pose with me because Auston was working so everyone say hello to Mr. Mayo! LOL These poses are from Rack Poses and will be featured at Fantasy Gacha Carnival on the 4th! Also you see those beautiful candles and stands that I put up around the pool, those are from Collage and will also be at the event! And you know I had to wear our ultra rare.  PS – Don’t make fun of my cause I had to use a crate for this pose to work. :> ♥

Taking What He Wants

Taking What He Wants Inside –

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