The Harvest Report

Picked up some more items from Collabor88. Really excited to get this post out because I actually feel in love with putting it together last night. Feel like a reporter or something. Also excited because I picked up the new Pink Fuel skin called Kumi. If you haven’t made your asses over there, you better do it now because its soooo cute with a ton of tones to choose from and of course eye make ups! <33

The Harvest Report In –

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Tall Grass

Hey hey! So this is an outfit I put together yesterday, but of course with RL work I was only able to get it out today. Of course the event Zodiac is still going on, and Tyr never ceases to amaze me with her mesh makings. This waist belt is just cute, and great for any summer outfit! Also this hair, I love. Even the pastel pack I just had to grab up! <33

Tall Grass In –

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Summer Gatcha

So I keep talking about this weekend’s goodness and I’m just adding to that pile. Summer Gatcha Festival is officially open so get your booties over there and start getting your rare items! Also more Stumblebum for y’all. Alot of great items for this round. I want to also tell y’all that Aura and Illusory are having a sale on some of their items as they are going to be merging into an awesome brand that I am so freakin’ excited for. I’m wearing the skin that Tyr is going to be retiring, Briar, and if you don’t have them already – then TP your way over there to pick em all up until they are gone for good! Enjoy! <33

Summer Gatcha In –

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So a new round of Fluid will be coming out here July 1st, and I am more excited for this round than any other. Its my type o theme which is around called “That’s Risque”. Yup, you know its gonna have alot of tits and ass!

Kirsty was kind enough to pass me over her items for this event and I’m so freakin’ stoked. I even got her approval on the outfit. Though, I changed shoes. Anyways, these are Rack Poses items that will be out sooooon! Enjoy! <33

(Pictures were edited so the garter and stockings will match together.)

Burlesque In –

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Gorean And Black

Newness all over the grid this weekend! First wanna chat about the new things from Izzie’s. Another cute ass skin called Cassandra! They are so flawless but have freckles and just cuteness all over it! Also from Izzie’s are these skirts that come in several different colors. Its a prim, but comes with an alpha layer so not booties stick through!

This hair is the other pack from Magika that is the plain colors for Dare. Really love this hair style, and can’t resist since its mesh. <33

Gorean And Black In –

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Those Board Shorts

I’m so in love with these shorts, especially since they are only 88L from Collobor88! Anyways, top, pants, shoes, ring, necklace, and skin all from Collobor88.

Those Board Shorts In –

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Elements of Sin

Okay so, I have a bunch of items to show y’all since I was MIA for a couple days. Perfect Wardrobe is back today with the theme of Elements! Great theme with Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth items! Another event I’ve already talked about a couple of times is Festival of Sin! I’m showing you more items that you can pick up from there, not even close to done with showing what that event has to offer! ❤

Elements of Sin In –

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