Shooting Cupid’s Arrows

Hey peoples! So I wanted to show y’all these amazing horns from Remarkable Oblivion that is currently at FaMESHed this round! The other version doesn’t have the hearts on it. They are pretty freaking awesome for Gorean roleplay since they are literally arrows bunched together. ♥

Shooting Cupid's Arrows

Shooting Cupid’s Arrows Inside –

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Immerse Yourself

Heyy. I’m finally back I know. I had to work all weekend along with going to Disney for a couple of days. Now I’m finally gonna get back into the swing of things here starting with Prism furniture has officially changed their name to Immerse and the owner Lily is now starting to release mesh clothing! This dress is one that she released recently that I love the ass crack in the back and the lovely texture. HANDverk is another round of L’accessoires with these mesh clutches!! So many colors to choose from. Also new furniture from Immerse ❤

Gor LOTD 729

Immerse Yourself In –

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Did Someone Say Accessories?

So I wanted to do a post on just represent a couple of new releases. First being the new Gos heels that everyone is pawning over. Easy to use HUD with skin matching website. This is a great system so those who hate matching feet will never have to be frustrated again.

New handbag from HANDverk which is currently at L’accessoires. Love how detailed the feathering is on the front. Several colors to choose from.

Also some new hair! Truth, Exile, and Magika have been releasing some hair lately. Trying my best to keep up with all of them! ❤

Gor LOTD 720

Did Someone Say Accessories? –

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In My Fashion Week

So as of right now SL Fashion Week is officially open and I’m getting my post out just in time! You all have got to get over there and check it out because there are so many great items I couldn’t get it all in just one post! Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

Gor LOTD 717

In My Fashion Week –

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He Keeps Me Alive

Hey y’all! Wanted to do a post with the man today though again I dressed him and did the shots. Had to go get his avie the new jacket and hoodie from Entente. I think its sooooo hot. Js.

Also this new dress from Cynful which is featured at The Boobie Show that you will not need any Lolas to wear it. Kinda like that idea of not having another attachment or changing skin colors!

Like I talked about the other day LaRoo’s main store is officially open and these boots were another feature of the new opening! Comes in several different colors with different straps!

Lastly I wanted to show y’all HANDverk’s new earrings which will be at L’accessoires this round. There are 5 different colors of these sweet treats that hang from your ears, all which I tried to show you in the little bubbles on the picture!

Gor LOTD 706

He Keeps Me Alive In –

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A Hobby

So a couple new things to show y’all. More items from Around the World. Also new items from FaMESHed, and from Prism Furniture. Just gonna get right into it! ❤

A Hobby In –

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Starting Early..

Heyyyy, so I’ve been busy lately, but I got this dress a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it. Decided to put a look with it and show y’all because its super exciting to me! ❤

Starting Early In –

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