Little Harvie Mermaid

Heyyy! So Genre has a new round opened and it’s all about Mermaidssssss! Such an amazing collection of things to pick up! See below! ♥

Little Harvie Mermaid

Little Harvie Mermaid Inside –

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One Voice

I’m sooo sorry guys. I worked all weekend long. I’m really sorry I couldn’t pull my weight this weekend, especially being there were sooo many events starting. Really though right now I just want to talk to you about one called “One Voice”. This event is for raising money for Curio’s creator Gala Phoenix and the financial fees she’s having to come up with IRL for  the DMCA that was filed against her. If you want to read more, just check out her main site here. Now again I’m sorry, and I am really down because I wasn’t able to get into the event during bloggers hours to pick up all kinds of great items to show y’all to get you all excited, but I’m blogging what I’m able too at the moment. These are still awesome items, but I’m sad that I couldn’t do a larger post then I wanted too. The sim is currently down and I’m having to do this blog after my 36 hours of working before bed just to get the word out to my viewers! Please guys, when you get the chance to head over and support this event. <33

One Voice In –

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The Golden Brown

Herro! So I’ve blogged some of this outfit before already but in a different color, but I just wanted to do another one with the brown to show the slave side of this outfit. Its partially mesh from GSpot and I just love the gold that shows off of the pieces. So yeah – ENJOY! ❤

The Golden Brown In –

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Some Green and Pink

Newness for you all to go out and buy. 50% off spring sale at the Truth District sim (Gotta add that you have to be in the Truth District Update Group to get entry to the sale)! Of course Truth is there along with Aura, Gos, INDI, MIEL, Wippet & Bucket, Glitterati, Addict, and so many others. Go check it out and get yourself some discounts. Also new shirt I’m sporting from SAKIDE. Another amazing piece of mesh. Another new skin also from Lara Hurley called Kae. Really love the look of this one too like Mia, just looks so soft. New jeans from Cynful out today! They are called Zia and are just have a small amount of butt crack hanging out the back! Many colors to choose from! ❤

Some Green and Pink In –

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My Favorite Mesh

I am in total love with this sweater. Its amazing and from Entente, and just like all the other items there you buy the sweater then get the texture packs separately. SOO many different packs to pick from with different styles and colors. I just went with plain because its easy to use for Gor.

Also I’ve always loved this skirt since I blogged a different color a month or so ago. Thought it’ll go great in Gor with some leggings underneath which is what I did here obviously! Coldlogic has some new items out, that I haven’t been able to blog yet, but I’ll get to it soon enough!

The boots are new from Death Row Design. Always love the style they come out with, amazing for men and women!

My Favorite Mesh In –

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Oh So Blah

I’m back! I wasn’t gone long, feeling soo much better from my second ER trip last night! Kidney stones are a bitchhhh! So I’ve had this outfit on for a while because I’ve been wanting to post it, but have been sick. The shirt is from Blah! Love that freakin’ store so much! Also NEW MESH RIGGED HAIR from Magika! I know that was me being so freakin’ excited! ❤

Oh So Blah In –

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Cynful of Sin!

Don’t ask about the title because I have no idea and am on pain medication right now. I’m so sorry for not getting many posts out in the past couple of days. This isn’t to get attention only to inform y’all I was in the hospital today with an infected kidney stone, so I may be posting some ridiculous shit like I am right now. I did my best on making something that looks good, and this is basically what I came up with! Corset is AMAZING comes in several different colors and is at the Festival of Sin event going on NOW! Hurry chicas! ❤

Cynful of Sin In –

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Fur Gurls

First I wanna talk about this amazing new mesh hair from [e]. You all know that is my favorite hair store in SL, and now I’m extremely excited they are doing the mesh. Well, this one comes with a back ponytail with a cute ribbon that changes several different colors.

Also this outfit I picked up was only 99L’s for the Sunday Special that is still out now!

Fur Gurls In –

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Blood Red

Put this outfit together a couple nights ago, but have been working so I’m finally getting it out now. Totally in LOVE with this hair! Logged on quickly to go and purchase it, been waiting for this one specifically since I saw someone put it up on Flickr! Probably one of my favorite up do’s! I really hope y’all enjoy this twist on these pants since there has been alot out blogs out on them. ❤

Blood Red In –

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