Poncho Girl

Just a girl and her poncho. In love with these high waisted pants. Wanted to do something different with them though, and this is basically what I came up with. A great free woman outfit for you sexy ladies in Gor. Enjoy! ❤

Poncho Girl In –

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The Baggy Pants

I’m in total love with these pants. Look freakin’ amazing and of course mesh. This is basically a little outfit that I had thrown together last night, so I hope y’all enjoy! ❤

The Baggy Pants In –

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What A Slut

So I was working tonight when I saw the new hair release from the owner of [e] of her new MESH hairs. Oh my god I am in fucking loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Her hair is my absolutely favorite, but now in mesh I will cream my panties. I came right home and got both of them, right now I am just doing one. Its so freakin’ adorable I swear. I hope y’all enjoy! ❤

What A Slut In –

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Farmer’s Daughter

I’ve been pondering for a while on buying these mesh overalls, but finally decided on it and put together an outfit with a twist to it. Tried the farmer’s daughter look of a bit of sultry character to it. Hopefully you can tell. ❤

Farmer’s Daughter In –

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Mafia Possibly?

So, I’ve been looking for something good to put with these new amazing mesh boots from Maitreya and this is what I came out with!

Mafia Possibly In –

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Thistle Do!

Herro – I’m here to talk to you about a store called Thistle Do! that has some really really cute Gorean clothing for free women and slaves. I do suggest everyone to make their way over to there and picking up items. You won’t be let down! 😀 ❤

Thistle Do In –

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Playing Dress Up

Saw this new dress at Line the other day and decided it was definitely something to wear in Gor. I did try putting a long sleeve or tank top underneath but it just took away from the nice neckline it has. Also tried a jacket, but still took away from the dress. Free women might get collared for this, but they would look sexy doing it! LOL Enjoy! ❤

Playing Dress Up In –

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The Ronsem

NEW! Oh my godddd new mesh! Yes I said MESH! Another urban outfit BUT seriously I am in total love with these damn shorts along with this sweater! Shorts come in the one color but the pockets change different patterns. The sweater comes in I believe 5 or 6 different colors! Rush the hell over there and pick up your pair!! ❤

The Ronsem In –

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