Little Bee

Hey cuties. I really had fun with these pictures today. Especially since I was using HANDverk’s new parasol that will be featured at the event Bees Through The Seasons that opening April 13th! The parasol has 4 built in arm poses for your AO and an off option to turn those off. She will also have a necklace that I’m wearing and earrings to match. HANDverk will also be releasing another item for this event, but I’ll keep that a little secret for now. ❤

Geek LOTD 754

Little Bee Inside –

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Disney Bound

Okay I know I’m like really late on my entries, but RL has been swamped. I decided to get caught up on the last two and then this weeks round! I am in love with this challenge which I rarely do any, but if any of you actually knew me I am a die hard Disney fan. Hopefully going to Disney World next week too just to fulfill my Disney needs! Haha. Anyways, the first week was Peter Pan, second week was Ariel in her “kissed a girl” scene, and this week is Gason from Beauty and the Beast! Please enjoy my posts representing all the characters. I know alot of pictures, but yeah 3 weeks of entries! ❤

Geek LOTD 746 2

Disney Bound Inside –

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Slave Sisters

So I’ve been putting off doing these pictures for a couple of days so I had some time to sit and do some work on it. I want to thank Kirsty for posing with me and getting all Gorean. I haven’t done a gorean post in months, and these new GSpot outfits were perfect inspiration. ❤

Gor LOTD 723

Slave Sisters In –

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Coming Home Early

Heyyy! So I have a couple of new things to show y’all today that I thought looked so well together. Cynful has a new dress out currently at The Dressing Room that has a cute mesh turtleneck and since the mesh is only on the neck and skirt prim you can easily dress it up with the new League trenchcoat which is 100% mesh and easy to use HUD to change the look of it! Also these heels are to die for and new from Baiastice which are also mesh. ❤

Coming Home Early In –

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Saturday Traveling

Hey lovelies! So when I logged on today I had to go and get one of the new LAQ skins. LAQ has a new skin line that right now has 2 different faces out. The way they are doing it now is if you buy one skin tone you will get in tattoo layers the nose, mouth, eyebrows, eyelid, birthmark, lipgloss, 2 eyeshadows, red/black/blonde/brown hairbases, and cleavage. The body parts will be used for other skins that you like in their line, but say you like the last skins nose. Well just put on the nose tattoo layer and you’ll be able to match that one right on. Its a really great idea, the only thing is LL’s need to up the number of tattoos layers for sure!

Also I’m sporting the new hair from Truth that is adorable with this awesome hairband that comes with a HUD that you can choose from several different colors!

Lastly the shirt and shorts are new mesh from Hucci that I couldn’t wait to get ahold of and show off for y’all! Enjoy! ❤

Saturday Traveling In –

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Seaside Skulls

Hey y’all! Wanna talk to everyone about Auxiliary and how Tyr and Ivy finally put up a new store for everyone to go visit and pick up allll the pretties! She placed out a group gift for the Auxiliary VIP’s to go snatch up which I am sporting along with old and new items for you to go hog wild on! I also am in love with this new hair from Truth! ❤

Seaside Skull In –

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Snuggle Up Soon!

Its beginning to be that time again, and I know I’ve talked about it a couple times but for the first time on Saturday night we were able to feel a cold front. Love this time of year, especially with huddling around fireplaces and just being indoors with loved ones! Prism Furniture has released a new set that is perfect for anyone looking for good wood living room furniture set with amazing looking autumn color scheme. I love this entire set since it has the every small detail you could pick to put in your living room. I am never the best at decorating SL houses or skyboxes so if you are in the same boat as me just go run over there and pick up this set and you’ll not have to find a bunch of different items from all over to fill your room.

Also new skin from Pink Fuel which will be exclusively at The Costume Ball which opens tomorrow!! So much goodness at this event you can’t miss out!

More newness from this post is also from Truth with new mesh hair that is adorable, leggings from Izzie’s that come in several different colors, coldlogic came out with more mesh goodness for fall/winter time and MESH HANDS released from SLink. I will be doing another post showing more of the hands later this week! (Outfit can also be pulled off in Gor people!) ❤

Snuggle Up Soon In –

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