All Bows

Oh hello. So I had this outfit together yesterday and I was excited to show it to y’all, but then ya know RL work happened. But Jane has some new mesh items out. These shorts which are just amazing along with these tops that have a cute little bow on the strap. Also these cute flats are from VERSHE and were out for FLF! Enjoy! ❤

All Bows In –

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Stripes For You

Oh hai! Soo I am finally getting around to blogging this outfit I put together last night! Love the new items from coldlogic. They really haven’t put anything out I don’t like yet! Anyways, also decided to do the last pose set Eve passed to me for Pose Fair 2012. Its an individual pose set of 3 different poses. Love them so hard. ❤

Stripes For You In –

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The Skirt Look

Newness from Magika with these cute pigtail look. Rigged mesh and has the duo pack with different colors that I’m sporting in the picture! Also new shirt and skirt. Shirt from Suicidal Unborn with several different designs along with skirt from Spirit that is mesh and also has a couple different colors. ❤

The Skirt Look In –

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As I do this post – there is an anniversary going on for the club Energy! Its 24 hours of celebration for their 2 years going on in SL! So! There is an outfit (Top and Jeans) Cynful put out for the anniversary that is so freakin’ hot. I did my best to do my own ad for this outfit, and I hope y’all get your asses over there to the club and shake your asses to the music! <33

Energy In –

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The Baggy Pants

I’m in total love with these pants. Look freakin’ amazing and of course mesh. This is basically a little outfit that I had thrown together last night, so I hope y’all enjoy! ❤

The Baggy Pants In –

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Stars and Crosses

I’m really loving this look. This is something that I’d honestly wear IRL and just be completely comfortable in. The hair is a bit big up top so I don’t think I could pull that off, but otherwise just a great piece here.

The bag is from Pepper – its MESH and comes in 5 different colors.

Stars and Crosses In –

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I’m Armed Baby

I’m armed to the tits as my husband would say! NEWWW mesh shirt from Pepper! Comes in 12 different colors! Also the belt which has a hot ass gun attached to the front is from LEO-NT and comes in black and brown! <33

I’m Armed Baby In –

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Goggled Up


New freakin’ goggles at LEO-NT! SO AMAZING MAKES ME CUM! Second new HAIRRRR from Wasabi Pills. Its so purdy you must has because its mesh! Yeah this post makes zero sense but I’m tired! lmfaoo

Goggled Up In –

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Best Wishes!

Decided to kill two birds with one stone. No, not literally. This is another Christmas clothes post with mine and my RL husband’s Christmas card! We really do wish everyone their best on these holidays! We are doing our best with the immigration crap we have had to go through BUT the best news came today and my husband is able to go on our family New Year’s cruise SO we will not be here next weekend!! Anyways I love you all and enjoy our post!! <33

Best Wishes In –


Skin – Curio – Sundust – Sweetheart– Light – Beguiling
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Classic – Frozen Silver
Shape – Mine
Hair – – Yelena – Startled White
Freckles – LAQ – Freckles & Beauty Marks – Freckles 02
Red Cheeks – Izzie’s – Redness Tattoo (Old Perfect Wardrobe)
Chest Tattoo – Aitui – Haters Make Me Famous
Leg Tattoo – Aitui – Rat Barbers
Fingernails – * RezIpsa Loc * – Black & Neon – Black and White
Ear Gauges – Aitui – Human Type 3 Stretched Ears – Spiral
Facial Piercing – .Pekka. – Fidelity
Teeth – Medley – Prim Teef (New)
Eyelashes – Izzie’s – Eyelashes v1.06

Necklace – Izzie’s – Christmas Necklace – Gingerbread Star Necklace (New)
Rings – LEO-NT – Little Elf Girl Rings

Sweater – Izzie’s – Winter Sweater – Red
Pants – Celoe – Nikola Trousers – Pitch (New)

Boots – Death Row Designs – Bound Chained Boots – Black (New)


Skin – Belleza – Thomas – Tan – 2
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Classic – Surf Glass
Shape – His
Hair – Raw House – Flatliner – Black 01
Ear Gauges – Aitui – Human Type 3 Stretched Ears –Twist
Tattoo – V Tattoos – Army
Hair Base – V Tattoos

Watch – Blitzed – Legacy Watch – Black
Brass Knuckle – Epic Arsenal – Mesh – Black (10L Special)

Shirt – Hoorenbeek – Military Shirt – Mesh – Black
Pants & Boots – Deco – Mesh – Tucked Fatigues & Boots – Black

Us Cuties!

I adore this chick right here, she’s so cute. Who wouldn’t want to do blog posts with her? Especially because she has a great fashion sense! Anyways, we bumped into eachother going to get some new items at the Lelutka sim for Mon Tissu and Celoe! Gotta love meshhhhhh. We are both in LOVE with these sweaters, they are perfection! Along with the pants she’s sporting and I decided on these cute bell bottom pants from [NV]! Also a great bag from Sweet Leonard that is a hunt item! You just can’t go wrong with these items. Of course the outfit I’m sporting you can definitely get away with in Gor if you add a tank top to over the stomach! So, here it is!

Us Cuties In –

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