Pirates Do It Better

Hey there. I put this piratey looking look together the other day and decided to share it with you! ♥

Pirates Do It Better

Pirates Do It Better Inside –

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Going To See Mine

Hello there. Some new things from Cynful that is currently featured at With Love event that started on the 7th. Also new gacha poses by Rack Poses that is at her PG store! Aren’t these just adorable for Valentine’s Day? Oh and you see these heels? Gorgeousss and from Fri.day this round at Collabor88! The nails are by Wicked Peach and at this next round of Serephim Social Bookclub! ♥

Going To See Mine

Going To See Mine Inside –

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Autumn Is In The Air

Hi. So Kirsty from Rack Poses has done some really cute poses for a gacha event called Willow Street Garden Gacha. Also wearing new polish from Wicked Peach, my friend Autumn’s new store. This item will also be featured at that gacha event! I’m showing you one of the rares and one common. They are so freaking cute I had to dress the husband up and make his avie pose with me! Also his top is new by Ispachi at FaMESHed and my hair is new by Truth. The sweater and scarf combo was available for The Rack at Auxiliary last week, but they will be doing a full release on them coming soon! ♥

Autumn Is In The Air

Autumn Is In The Air Inside –

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Stylish Home

Hello y’all. Gonna catch y’all up on some new HANDverk furniture releases! Also have new colors for the Cynful Tara’s Vest and Dress. Enjoy! ❤

Geek LOTD 760

Stylish Home Inside –

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My Ink

Hello pretty people! I didn’t do much with this post, but wanted to show you some new stuff from FaMESHed! Enjoyyyy ❤

Geek LOTD 749

My Ink Inside –

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Disney Bound

Okay I know I’m like really late on my entries, but RL has been swamped. I decided to get caught up on the last two and then this weeks round! I am in love with this challenge which I rarely do any, but if any of you actually knew me I am a die hard Disney fan. Hopefully going to Disney World next week too just to fulfill my Disney needs! Haha. Anyways, the first week was Peter Pan, second week was Ariel in her “kissed a girl” scene, and this week is Gason from Beauty and the Beast! Please enjoy my posts representing all the characters. I know alot of pictures, but yeah 3 weeks of entries! ❤

Geek LOTD 746 2

Disney Bound Inside –

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The Secrets I Keep

I was really excited to get this post done. Had help from Terrence to put the outfit together, and searched forever for this sim to take pictures on. Finally got it together and I’m dying to show y’all this outfit. I’ll just get right into it! ❤

Geek LOTD 731

The Secrets I Keep In –

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Play Your Cards Right

Some new things for y’all to peak at. Gizza’s new cardigan and pants. I can’t get over Gos’ new heels. And well I had to plead with Sixx for this first pose. Nice guy that man is. ❤

Gor LOTD 725

Play Your Cards Right In –

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I Give You Props

So I didn’t really know what to do with this picture so I decided to use a cane and fedora because ya know, its cool. So these shoes from SLink are kinda awesome. This dress is from Cynful which is very sexy with a slit up the back. And this hair from Exile, its basically a bunch of sex. ❤

Gor LOTD 719

I Give You Props In –

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A Hobby

So a couple new things to show y’all. More items from Around the World. Also new items from FaMESHed, and from Prism Furniture. Just gonna get right into it! ❤

A Hobby In –

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