Draped Gorean

Herro! So I’ve been in love with this shirt since I got it at Culture Shock and haven’t been able to find what I wanted to do with it. Decided on this outfit, and its sorta Gorean sorta urban! I hope y’all enjoyy! <33

Draped Gorean In –

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Playing Dress Up

Saw this new dress at Line the other day and decided it was definitely something to wear in Gor. I did try putting a long sleeve or tank top underneath but it just took away from the nice neckline it has. Also tried a jacket, but still took away from the dress. Free women might get collared for this, but they would look sexy doing it! LOL Enjoy! ❤

Playing Dress Up In –

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Oh So Black

Felt sorta black today LOL alot of newness going on here. New undies that are just adorable from Line, Izzie has released new nailsss and I’m so freakin’ excited now that I’m all into prim nails! Also she released new stone jewelry in 5 different colors. Also Chain and Vine are now doing mesh clothing that are just great for Gor and Urban styles! This is my first of many items from that store to come! Enjoy! ❤

Oh So Black In –

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Slut Hunter

I feel like that Looney Toons character that is always hunting for rabbits….can’t think of the damn name right now but YEAH! Kinda feelin’ this outfit – just a good slutty thing to run around in on these cold ass RP sims. ❤

Slut Hunter In –

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