Death Row Slavie

Hai, gonna be able to get some stuff done before work today as the husband is over at our new house. Feel like I’m like 85 years old with how sore I am from the last two days! Anyways, there is all newness for y’all with this outfit, necklace, collar, and hair! Hair is from lamb, its mesh, and there are 4 new mesh hairstyles out! Exciting yes. Also Vestigium came out with 3 new tattoos, one that I am sporting here! ❤

Death Row Slave In –

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Sporty Spice

Look! I can be as posh and English as Kirsty! Bahahha, totally jk! Anyways, new pants from LooP! Comes in 12 different colors, of course they are mesh with an alpha for alpha feet or not. Really digging this laid back Sunday look. Very simple, something to just throw on! ❤

Sporty Spice In –

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Long Boots

Oh hai! I know alot of new posts lately, but there’s so much good stuff releasing lately. These new boots are from Crazy and are just freakin’ hot! Soo sexy. I wasn’t sure that I can pull them in Gor, so another urban outfit for me!

Another new item I’m wearing is this mesh denim skirt from Loop. Comes in three different colors and all the sizes you need with the alphas! Enjoy! ❤ (Picture done a little differently because I was bored. lawl)

Long Boots In –

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Loopy Slave

HAI LADIES AND GENTS! So, a couple things I wanna talk about. First is this MESHHHH shirt that is from Loop. Such a cute shirt, she also released a skirt today that’s mesh but well its not gorean! I wanted to get you cute slaves an outfit out tonight!

Also I am so completely honored to be a blogger for [HANDverk]. Loveeeee all her items from the body tattoos, to the furniture, to the amazing mesh jewelry that I am blogging for you all tonight!! Completely in love with all of these sets that are sold! All different sets come in several different colors to mix and match with all your Gorean clothing, or even Urban too!

Oh FYI – I had to change my face a wee bit because of this hair! Lawl – that’s why I may look a little different. Puffy cheeks didn’t cut it on this mesh! <33

Loopy Slave In –

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So Loopy

Hai! New mesh to talk about. This dress, yup its mesh. Its from Loop and comes in 10 different colors. It has 2 different alpha layers with 3 different sizes. Great gorean outfit for you frees, but make sure to cover up your cleavage! :o! Also these boots are amazing and are from chronokit. Laces and inside change into different colors. Enjoy ❤

So Loopy In –

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Newness here! First will be the sweater that is from LooP! Love this MESH sweater that comes in 12 different colors and color changing undershirt! Such a great piece!

Also this MESH skirt is from SAKIDE! Of course the skirt comes in all different sizes with the alpha! Several different colors to come from.

The skin I’m wearing is the new Aura skin line that I just blogged earlier called Helena, but its the VIP gift! Tyr always amazes me with her lines. The shading and all the little marks on the skin are so cute. Love the lips on this one too! Also comes in a Paper tone that is limited for the VIP gift. Its one of her lightest tones!

Enjoys! <33

Loop SAKIDE In –

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