My Slutty Escape

This is just an outfit I threw together today just to hop into Gor since I haven’t been around in a while. Trying to get back into the groove of things but Gor has been turning me off lately with the amount of drama that comes out of it. I wish everyone would just hug it all out! LOL, anyways, I hope you all enjoy this LOTD! ❤

My Slutty Escape In –

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Da Bears

So I found these fuckin’ awesome bear hats and I told my bestie Poiisoned to get her ass over and get one with me. We’ve been running around Gor all night with these cute little fuckers on. Also doing this post with her because she also has a blog on her own. I -respect- her because she has her own style and gets her OWN ideas for her outfits. In conclusion, here is our post together. 😀

Da Bears In –

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Well Niv gave me the compliment of finally seeing some improvement on my clothing choices in Gor. I lawled and told him to shut his mouth, but I have been really good lately, I do gotta say. Here’s another covered picture, but you know this trend for me won’t last long! ❤

Covered In –

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Returned My Karma!

Another post I’m doing with my slave avie that I love so dearly. I’m SO sorry Jada I didn’t get this outfit out soon enough because of my fucking RL work, but here it is. I feel so cute in this thing its so freaking cozy!

Returned My Karma In –

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