Your Badass Bitch

Hey thur. Doing a blog post on all things Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Cool shit right? Gotta get these poses by Rack Poses cause ya know, she’s the best! ♥

Your Badass Bitch

Your Badass Bitch Inside –

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Face Paint

Meant to do this earlier, but got caught up in an OOC thing for Crack Den. I put it together last night and I think I’m pretty much happy with it.

Top is from Plastik, they are MESH and come in several different color/print packs. Each pack is 499L and comes with 4 different patterns/colors and different sizes. Always always love what Plastik does with her items!

Also from Plastik is this face paint which are 89L each OR comes in collection packs! Soooo many different patterns to choose from it was so freakin’ hard for me to pick!

Last these pants are from LooP and are either pants or shorts. Pocket has iPod if you wanna show it, along with a belt with several different colors. Full colors of the pants come in 10 different colors.

Enjoy! <33

Face Paint In –

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Full Of Brown

Hur hur!

Couple of things! First is the meshhhhhhhhhhhhh bag from the wonderful and oh so talented Tyr creator of Aura! Bag will be at the Back to Black event that starts tomorrow!! Comes in 3 different colors with 3 different hand/holding animations! Its rigged also! ❤

Next is this cute skirt which is from Pepper. The belt comes in 9 different designs, with the ruffles that changes to several different colors. It looks amazing along, and over items like I’m wearing!

Full Of Brown In –

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My Epicness

Decided to do a really hot outfit with the new Epic releases! First wanna talk about the new body suits by Epic. There are 12 different colors to choose from. Sooo freakin’ sexy!

Also these legs are so freakin’ amazing. Animated lights changing colors just freakin’ cool shiz. They come in 12 different colors like the body suits to match. Of course you may recognize them because I blogged the purple ones when they were out for Perfect Wardrobe!

The backpack of course is also Epic! She made them in 5 different colors for FTLO Black Market event! The event is Valentine’s Day and I’m wearing the one with a sad emoticon face on the heart, but there’s happy ones too!

These NAILS are fucking AMAZINGGGG! They are Izzie’s new Glitter nails with a HUD for you in the Zombie Popcorn hunt which started tomorrow. I have alot more new items to show you for the hunt so watch out for them! (BTW I’m never taking these nails off!)

Lastly wanna talk about the skin – its an exclusive skin for Valentine’s Day for The Sugar Garden for only 300L’s! Such a cute freakin’ face, but its a release with the new Steffy skin which I showed you the other day. Comes only in the Lolita tone with only brown brows and non cleavage also w/ cleavage. I just used my Steffy tattoo layer for my blonde brows with the skin. 😀

Enjoy lovies! ❤

My Epicness In –

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Cynfully Chained

Some newness for y’all! New shirts at Cynful that are a bit revealing for Gor, but as you can see I made it work! They come in many different colors along with the tie that comes in either black or white! Also this MESH skirt is from Chain and Vine! Love this color since I’m always into black and white or brown! Anyways – enjoy! <33

Cynfully Chained In –

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Stars and Crosses

I’m really loving this look. This is something that I’d honestly wear IRL and just be completely comfortable in. The hair is a bit big up top so I don’t think I could pull that off, but otherwise just a great piece here.

The bag is from Pepper – its MESH and comes in 5 different colors.

Stars and Crosses In –

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The Love Satchel

I really don’t know, but yeah decided to do an urban outfit since I’ve been standing in CD. The satchel is new from Izzie’s! Comes in 8 different colors. Can attach to both hands in 2 different poses with one unscripted version. ❤ (Totally forgot to post this last night before bed LOL but yeah this is what I was wearing LAST night)

The Love Satchel In –

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The Furry Vest

Had this vest for a while now but finally decided to put an outfit on around it. Also the undershirt is from Epic and comes in several colors. Its just a great long sleeve shirt to go with anything or just a good layer for the Gorean ways. Anyways I hope y’all enjoy it! ❤

The Furry Vest In –

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Cyan or Teal?

Teal is just such a pretty color and this outfit was revolved around this blazer Izzie’s has out for TOSL. This color is only available for this event. Also the cute iPod with headphones is from Pepper and will be available for TFG on Monday. Comes in different lengths for the necklace/headphones and the iPod, and the texture of the iPod changes different colors. Better save your lindens for that item! ❤

So Teal In –

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Goggled Up


New freakin’ goggles at LEO-NT! SO AMAZING MAKES ME CUM! Second new HAIRRRR from Wasabi Pills. Its so purdy you must has because its mesh! Yeah this post makes zero sense but I’m tired! lmfaoo

Goggled Up In –

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