My Gorean Medley

Soooo really excited to tell y’all about new items from Medley that were released in MESH!!! Absolutely adore all of the new released. I did my damn to get all the items in one outfit and I think I did okay! LOL So yeah, totally loving this pleated skirt. Pretty much had a thing for them lately! Also this is the other hair release from yesterday at Magika! Enjoy! ❤

My Gorean Medley In –

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Sunday’s Best

I know right, I look like a two cent whore. But come on – this dress is just pure sex – the boots? You can’t get any better than this hookerness! Anyways – the dress is amazinggg and from Medley. <33

Sunday’s Best In –

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Nestle My Medley


A couple things I wanna talk about here. First is the DRESS from Nestle My Bosom which comes in a varity of colors. Such a lovely dress to wear alone or how I’d decided to pair it with these jeans from Medley. Bright right? HELL YEAH!

Secondly THIS SKIN! LAQ came out with a new skin line called Minna. I’m wearing it currently in Fair with the freckles tattoo layer and Pink Fuel lips. Just freakin’ amazing looking face. I don’t have the blonde eyebrows yet, but not sure if I want to even add them. Been wearing blonde eyebrows with my white hair, maybe a little feed back from y’all? Yes or no on blonde eyebrows or keep em brown?

And lastly this hair, one of 3 different hair styles from LeLutka. This one is MESH along with another hair style that she released. The other hair that I got also called Adele is not mesh, but is amazing all the same.


Nestle My Medley In –

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Cynful of Sin!

Don’t ask about the title because I have no idea and am on pain medication right now. I’m so sorry for not getting many posts out in the past couple of days. This isn’t to get attention only to inform y’all I was in the hospital today with an infected kidney stone, so I may be posting some ridiculous shit like I am right now. I did my best on making something that looks good, and this is basically what I came up with! Corset is AMAZING comes in several different colors and is at the Festival of Sin event going on NOW! Hurry chicas! ❤

Cynful of Sin In –

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Cozy Home

Went around a bunch of shops last night that I just haven’t been too in a while. Ducknipple was one, and I went hog wild. Got several different items from there to show you guys, along with going to Surf Couture and being like OH I HAVE THAT! Of course I usually blog Gorean stuff, but I wanted to put this together a bit urban because I wanted to wear these jean shorts. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy! <33

Cozy Home In –

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Blue Lamb

New hair from lamb.! Freakin’ loveee the one I’m wearing. Just one of the two new ones, and I got these awesome two toned pack! Not the usual color on me, but I wanted something different!

Also the outfit is a new one from Izzie’s for the Back to Black Event, along with the purse from Aura.

Blue Lamb In –

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Newness here! First will be the sweater that is from LooP! Love this MESH sweater that comes in 12 different colors and color changing undershirt! Such a great piece!

Also this MESH skirt is from SAKIDE! Of course the skirt comes in all different sizes with the alpha! Several different colors to come from.

The skin I’m wearing is the new Aura skin line that I just blogged earlier called Helena, but its the VIP gift! Tyr always amazes me with her lines. The shading and all the little marks on the skin are so cute. Love the lips on this one too! Also comes in a Paper tone that is limited for the VIP gift. Its one of her lightest tones!

Enjoys! <33

Loop SAKIDE In –

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Yay!!! New skin line from Aura! Its called Helena and its AMAZING! This is only my first post out on the new skin. Will be in tones of Milk, Honey, Cream, Caramel, and Espresso. Currently I’m wearing the Honey tone. These three make ups will be available for the Festival of Sin event!

Also new shirt I’m wearing from CoLoReTa’s. Comes in 6 different colors for the hearts! So freakin’ cute! <33

Helena In –

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The Hues Of Blue

New outfit for GSpot!! -Love- this skirt outfit! Comes in 4 different colors, can be either free woman like I’m wearing or slave by taking the skirt and shirt layer off! Amazing piece!

Thank you Jalilah!! ❤

The Hues Of Blue In –

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Face Paint

Meant to do this earlier, but got caught up in an OOC thing for Crack Den. I put it together last night and I think I’m pretty much happy with it.

Top is from Plastik, they are MESH and come in several different color/print packs. Each pack is 499L and comes with 4 different patterns/colors and different sizes. Always always love what Plastik does with her items!

Also from Plastik is this face paint which are 89L each OR comes in collection packs! Soooo many different patterns to choose from it was so freakin’ hard for me to pick!

Last these pants are from LooP and are either pants or shorts. Pocket has iPod if you wanna show it, along with a belt with several different colors. Full colors of the pants come in 10 different colors.

Enjoy! <33

Face Paint In –

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