She Holds Me Together

Hey hey! So Natalee and I wanted to do a picture together so I decided to do a blog post on it. Her picture is like 150 times better than mine, but she’s like professional and shit. LOOOL. Anyways, some Season’s Story things along with other things. BTW – I don’t really know what Nat is wearing and she’s at hockey SO I know it’s Exile hair, Atomic dress from The Season’s Story, and Reign shoes, but you can just ask her. :> ♥

She Holds Me Together

She Holds Me Together Inside –

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Showing Off Your Damned Side

Hey. So new things here. Really really love this detailed jewels by Aisling! Also this gown is from Peqe and will be at We ❤ RP though it does come with system layer body suit underneath which I opted out of wearing cause, slut. ♥

Showing Off Your Damned Side

Showing Off Your Damned Side Inside –

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At Our Front Door

Hello pretties! Some more Shoetopia for y’all. I’m able to put it in my links now, YAY! So excited for this event to be open. Love supporting all these designers hard work! Also please make sure you check out the charities and where the money is going towards. It’s a great cause! Also HUGE thank you to Dermie for posing with me! ♥

At Our Front Door

At Our Front Door Inside –

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Trying To Be Wizardly

Hello peoples. So the Wizarding Faire opened up today! It’s a cute event that is at the Mischief Managed RP sim. I’ve never even see Harry Potter, but I was motivated in Plurk to still do a blog post with all the cute things! ♥

Trying To Be Wizardly

Trying To Be Wizardly Inside –

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Fall Into You

Hey peoples. Collabor88 new round is officially up and running. Amazing round with a ton of autumn/fall type items. Another one of my favorite rounds since I can dress like this so early in SL but never IRL. I went dark hair for this one since Clawtooth doesn’t have white hair when it’s not an arcade item! ♥

Fall Into You

Fall Into You Inside –

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Knotted Up

Everytime I went to go take this picture, my computer decided not to work. So today I had to do a couple things to make it go, so here is my final product. Yes this skirt is being worn again, but seriously LOVE IT. This shirt though, can’t even take it off. It’s perfect for summer. ❤

Geek LOTD 779

Knotted Up Inside –

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My Inner Child

Hello y’all! Just a quick post to show a little bit of The Arcade goodies I got and some stuff that I had picked up from Home and Garden Expo last week. Enjoyyy! ❤

Geek LOTD 776 3

My Inner Child Inside –

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Going For Pizza

Hey y’all! New post with some new items. First is this hoodie from [ JP ]:dsg. Sooo many different colors to choose from with men’s and women’s sizes! Go and pick them up. I decided to put this outfit together because it’s definitely something I’d wear IRL. Especially since I’m from Florida it doesn’t always get hot enough to wear a hoodie with jeans. lol. But this skirt I can’t seem to take off. It’s from Miseria and at The Attic currently. ❤

Geek LOTD 762

Going For Pizza Inside –

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