The Furry Chair

Yup, I know you like the name of this. LOL Anyways, this chair is NEW and exclusive for the Around the World event I was talking about the other day that starts November 15th, ya know – my birthday? LOL So, I love the textures on this chair. It really looks great and its from !bang which is in the Australian/New Zealand section of the event! I am also in love with this dress from celoe. Its amazingly done and all in mesh. Did it up in a Gorean way because I still love blogging for y’all! ❤

The Furry Chair In –

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The 1920’s – Vintage Fair

Alright so this is the start of my Vintage Fair coverage that will be opening August 4th to everyone! I decided with my posting that I will hit all the decades the fair will be covering starting with the 1920’s! This was one of my hardest era’s due to not finding an actual dress to wear. Once I stumbled upon MOLiCHiNO’s Vanity Fair release I knew it was perfect. It’s half mesh, and cute flapper attachments to add upon it! I asked one of my good friends Kirsty to dress up with me and she put together a fantastic outfit also! This fair will be a must visit! ❤

Another note I would like to add is the fair is sponsored by Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, coldLogic, GizzA Creations, Indyra Originals, oOo Studio, PurpleMoon Creations and Trompe Loeil. Along with a Vintage Fair Flickr Competition where you can read about more here.

The 1920’s – Vanity Fair In –

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