On The Block

Hey y’all! So Cynful is participating in the 100 Block event that I will be giving a LM for. Kinda like this outfit because I’m digging this black and orange look. LOL ❤

Geek LOTD 767

On The Block Inside –

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The 1970’s – Vintage Fair

Had to ask Kirsty to do another post with me on the Vintage Fair! Had too much fun with this one! Disco was a great era, even this amazing dress that will be available at Vintage Fair by .evolve.! Comes in several different styles and is mesh. <33

The 1970’s – Vintage Fair In –

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All Bows

Oh hello. So I had this outfit together yesterday and I was excited to show it to y’all, but then ya know RL work happened. But Jane has some new mesh items out. These shorts which are just amazing along with these tops that have a cute little bow on the strap. Also these cute flats are from VERSHE and were out for FLF! Enjoy! ❤

All Bows In –

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All Mesh

All the damn time now! Seriously loving mesh with a passion. I really don’t care if people can’t see me with it on, they should get damn mesh viewers FFS! So – my man got this shirt with some help from my girl Audrina and I went on a mesh shopping spree! I hope y’all enjoy this! And of course this is an urban look but you cuties know you can take pieces of these items and use it in Gor!!! ❤

All Mesh In –

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Bundled Up

Just a good bundled up free woman outfit or just a lounging around the urban sims kinda look. I have a couple more to do tonight so I’ll try not to overpower y’all with posts!!!

Bundled Up In –

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Down On Me

While doing this post, I’m listening to this song. I don’t know what’s up with me putting music in my posts lately, but I’m starting to enjoy it a little. Lawl, anyways another outfit for y’all to enjoy.

Down On Me In –

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Girl Next Door

Yesterday while wearing this outfit, I was referred to as “the girl next door” but the I had “too much cleavage showing”. Boys get so angry about the cleavage. lawl. Enjoy the look ❤

Girl Next Door In –

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