Little Bad Girl

Obsessed with this song, inspired me to put together this outfit. Enjoy pervs ❤ 😀

Little Bad Girl In –

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Girl Next Door

Yesterday while wearing this outfit, I was referred to as “the girl next door” but the I had “too much cleavage showing”. Boys get so angry about the cleavage. lawl. Enjoy the look ❤

Girl Next Door In –

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Don’t Stop…

believin’! Yup it just came on my iTunes while I was doing this post. Journey <3. Anyways, this is a new top from Cynful. I’m in LOVE with it, and since she passed me it I just couldn’t get to do a blog post until today so I could change! So here it is. Also new hair from Truth! Oh, and I just want to go ahead and congratulate myself since this is my 200th blog post. YAY FOR ME!

Don’t Stop In –

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Shrugs All Around!

Apparently where’s a going out of business sale at Sweetest Goodbye. One of my favorite OOC places. Sad face. Anyways, go pick up what y’all want before its all gone forever ❤ Also three new skin lines at Curio, along with another one of these cute skirts from Gor Gurls.

Shrugs All Around In –

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