Take It

Heyyy! So this is a bit NSFW on this one but some new things from this round of C88 and FaMESHed, and another pose I wanted to do from Rack Poses! Yummm! ♥

Take It

Take It Inside –

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Hanging with the Girls

So yesterday I had asked Ally and Ada to do a blog picture with me with the newness that was at Coldlogic. So this is how it turned out. Now mind you my computer was absolutely not cooperating yesterday which the girls helped me out by taking the group picture for me and its coming out today because the rest of the pictures I had to take today when my computer wasn’t being a douche! So anyways, y’all keep checking back to Ally’s blog when she’s done her side of her outfit!

Also Cold Winters Hunt has started today so get your hunting on y’all! ❤

 Gor LOTD 716

Hanging with the Girls In –

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Gorean Bear

A couple things I wanna talk to y’all about today.

First is about these awesome super dooper mesh bear hoods. They are -amazing- and a HUGE thanks to Sopherian Yumako for posting these on her blog. I always love her pictures and when I spotted these I knew that I wanted to show you guys so the Gorean ways can go snatch them up and wear them around! But the hoods come in 5 different colors. I couldn’t just pick one so I had to fatpack it! Also different sizes in the folder for the ones not wanting to edit any hair from the hood! ❤

Secondly these new pants I got from the mp. My husband spotted them a couple nights ago and I quickly bought them up. Love that they are mesh and look a bit tac pants like. Thought it was a good style for Gor. They look a little “denim” but you all know if you don’t like that style, then of course you try another kinda pants!


Gorean Bear In –

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