Swimming Fun

Hai decided to do pretty pictures for this post tonight. New sheer cute tops from nestle my bosom for y’all to throw over your bathing suits since its that time again! Also new cute jean shorts from Izzie’s. Alot of different colors! Go get yours now! <33

Swimming Fun In –

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Saint Patty’s Day

New round of PW. Theme is St. Patrick’s Day. My post is for those creators that took their time to make an awesome item like I’m gonna be posting below. ❤

Saint Patty’s Day In –

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Nestle My Medley


A couple things I wanna talk about here. First is the DRESS from Nestle My Bosom which comes in a varity of colors. Such a lovely dress to wear alone or how I’d decided to pair it with these jeans from Medley. Bright right? HELL YEAH!

Secondly THIS SKIN! LAQ came out with a new skin line called Minna. I’m wearing it currently in Fair with the freckles tattoo layer and Pink Fuel lips. Just freakin’ amazing looking face. I don’t have the blonde eyebrows yet, but not sure if I want to even add them. Been wearing blonde eyebrows with my white hair, maybe a little feed back from y’all? Yes or no on blonde eyebrows or keep em brown?

And lastly this hair, one of 3 different hair styles from LeLutka. This one is MESH along with another hair style that she released. The other hair that I got also called Adele is not mesh, but is amazing all the same.


Nestle My Medley In –

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Christmas Perfect Wardrobe

Its Christmas time in Perfect Wardrobe!!! That’s right, another round of items at the Perfect Wardrobe! All Christmas items that are just amazing every single piece of it. I’ll try my best to get all items out there! This is my first post on it! ENJOY! ❤

Christmas Perfect Wardrobe In –

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Where Is.. Hunt

I just got done with my three day weekend, decided to get done with the Where Is.. Hunt (Starting point at Cynful’s sim. LOOK FOR DONUTS!) before going to bed. I’m fucking dying on no sleep, but got an outfit together of some of the items I got on the journey. I’ll be adding more with other outfits and shit. Hope y’all enjoy.

Where Is.. Hunt In –

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