Tan or Brown?

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Are you ready people? [e] has 2 new hairs out and they are FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! I’m only blogging one of them right now, but seriously the other one is even cuter. GO GO GO out and grab em brahs!

Tan Or Brown?

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In My T-Shirt

Decided to put on an older shirt from NSD last night with just a pair of shorts since I picked up these fucking cute ass pair of sandals with feet. I’ve been wanting a pair of these sandals IRL, but kinda broke due to trying to get my RL here in the states. I hope y’all like this outfit though, its another one of my just relaxed modes.

In My T-Shirt In –

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Dress Down Tuesday

Went shopping with my friend Purg this morning, ran over to Ronsem and picked up these shorts finally. Yeah its not too Gorean but hell they are fucking cool as shit. Also threw it with a cute sports bra from Boom! Check it out…

Dress Down Tuesday In –

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Newww Karma!

So I started looking through my inventory for something to throw on for a quick blog before bed, and who then no other than Jada comes to my rescue! God she’s so freaking awesome! This top and shorts are to cream for, OH and they come in several different colors. Go pick them up like RIGHT FUCKING NOW! GO! Okay bye!

Newww Karma In –

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Ut oh!

OH SHIT SON! I can get a little covered sometimes. This outfit is great because you can dress like a free, or as a slave. That’s what I love about Gor Gurls. Harriet’s always makes her clothing to be great for both roles and I adore it! I also adore her face because she’s awesome! Anyways, check out her store!

Currently rockin’

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