I’m So Pink

Yup, went with the pink hair. Sorry for my absence though, I worked all weekend and it was insane. But now I’m off and before bed I am shooting off a post for y’all! This is something I put together before I went to work on Friday except I added the hair that I got! Anyways, enjoy! ❤

I’m So Pink In –

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Pink Robots

Entire outfit revolved around these AMAZINGGG feet. Just in love. Saw Jade came out with these for Perfect Wardrobe and I quickly had to find some things to put together for an outfit. I know I look crazy and ridiculous again because usually I’m a very either black or brown kinda girl, but these bright colors are just being released everywhere. I really hope y’all enjoy these! (The feet come in either pink or purple and animate with flashing colors!)

Also these new eyes are mesh and are new from ONYX Wear. They come with a hud with several different pupil options along with eyes that are animated to move between the pupil sizes. Several different colors to pick from! ❤

Pink Robots In –

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The Love Satchel

I really don’t know, but yeah decided to do an urban outfit since I’ve been standing in CD. The satchel is new from Izzie’s! Comes in 8 different colors. Can attach to both hands in 2 different poses with one unscripted version. ❤ (Totally forgot to post this last night before bed LOL but yeah this is what I was wearing LAST night)

The Love Satchel In –

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The Plaid Blues

Was in Crack Den most of the day yesterday (Yes on an alt :D) and this outfit was put together but was too late by the time I was going to blog it. So here it is, nothing special just a throw together.

The Plaid Blues In –

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In My T-Shirt

Decided to put on an older shirt from NSD last night with just a pair of shorts since I picked up these fucking cute ass pair of sandals with feet. I’ve been wanting a pair of these sandals IRL, but kinda broke due to trying to get my RL here in the states. I hope y’all like this outfit though, its another one of my just relaxed modes.

In My T-Shirt In –

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Totally feel like a chick from the movie Highlander, or that one where they eat people. Can’t think of the name right now, but I’m looking pretty fierce. Anyways, did another blog with my man, hope y’all enjoy it.

Lookin’ Highlander In –

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