Boho In Fall

So I visited the Boho Couture Fair last night and there are some goodies to go pick up if you haven’t made it there! Also this new hair from Truth is amazingggg. He released 3 other ones yesterday, and of course they have the fades pack! <33

Boho in Fall In –

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Zombie Killer?

Kinda digging this outfit right now. Even though wearing this new awesome graffiti belt from [ JP ]:dsg. is pretty badass. Maybe I just use the paint to mark the ones I shot in the head with these amazing guns my HUSBAND made for Bouncer’s poses that I’m rockin’! Totally feel badass in this post, really not gonna lie. Love all these new things that I have for you all and I hope you enjoy! ❤

Zombie Killer In –

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Magika Colors

Sooo I just had to get another post out before I went to work today because of this fucking hair!!! So Magika released 2 new hair styles today. One was made with these awesome colors and its only 100L for 4 different colors in the hud! Just amazing right here! Enjoy! ❤

Magika Colors In –

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Sorry For Party Rockin’

Not much to say but everyone knows about the new Villena shirt. I saw it yesterday – quickly went there while she was setting it up – bought them – then went to work =/ So I just posted a quick picture when I came home sick last night and went to bed. But here is the picture – don’t really think I need a regular picture that I usually do. This one is fine for this outfit! 😀 Enjoy! ❤

Sorry For Party Rockin’ In –

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Us Cuties!

I adore this chick right here, she’s so cute. Who wouldn’t want to do blog posts with her? Especially because she has a great fashion sense! Anyways, we bumped into eachother going to get some new items at the Lelutka sim for Mon Tissu and Celoe! Gotta love meshhhhhh. We are both in LOVE with these sweaters, they are perfection! Along with the pants she’s sporting and I decided on these cute bell bottom pants from [NV]! Also a great bag from Sweet Leonard that is a hunt item! You just can’t go wrong with these items. Of course the outfit I’m sporting you can definitely get away with in Gor if you add a tank top to over the stomach! So, here it is!

Us Cuties In –

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Safe Candy

Pretty much doing a post on what I like to wear as Urban wear. Since I’m stepping foot back into Crack Den this is my first outfit that I’m sporting.

When I saw Magika put this new hair on Flickr last night I wanted to scream with joy because this hair is just freakin’ amazing! Along with the new Christmas add on for the bun. I never ever want to take this hair off!

Safe Candy In –

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Look at Her Rack..

Totally doing an OOC blog post with my girl Kirsty. She is one sexah momma and I knew one day we had to get our asses together on this! Anyways here’s our OOC look of the day! ❤ (Also remember to shop at her store Rack Poses!)

Look At Her Rack In –

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Guess What!!

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!! I am soooooooooooo freakin’ excited. The big quarter of a century old. Yes that’s right all you gals and gents. I will be a big 25 years old! Anyways here some new items from Pepper. I didn’t picture the necklace and the mouth piece. They have a cute super glow but made my picture look really washed out, but still go run and pick em up!

Guess What In –

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