Cynful Jeans

It took me a little bit to get this dress out, but only because I was wearing this outfit for a bit cause I really really like it! I hope y’all enjoyyy! <33

Cynful Jeans In –

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Those Board Shorts

I’m so in love with these shorts, especially since they are only 88L from Collobor88! Anyways, top, pants, shoes, ring, necklace, and skin all from Collobor88.

Those Board Shorts In –

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Cynfully Chained

Some newness for y’all! New shirts at Cynful that are a bit revealing for Gor, but as you can see I made it work! They come in many different colors along with the tie that comes in either black or white! Also this MESH skirt is from Chain and Vine! Love this color since I’m always into black and white or brown! Anyways – enjoy! <33

Cynfully Chained In –

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Okay So….

I usually never put issues like this in my blog, BUT I just want to get this off of my chest. Now I don’t deal with drama, no reason too when I’m not on here enough to deal with it along with this is an internet game so its pretty pathetic to have it. Anyways, I am currently living at Pirate Brethren with my RL husband along with Naughty and my friend Chance. Now, I’m playing a slave because at this point its more fun to me (and Cruz just pulls me along), but Chance and sorta Cruz have this thing going IC to be funny saying that Harv is the only good slave in Pirate Brethren. They are obviously joking IC, but they are getting frees to serve them while I’m sitting there (in which I’m either AFK due to blog stuff OR I’m logged on my phone at work). So that brings me to the point that now I see alot of women giving me the cold shoulder because of what the BOYS are doing NOT me. I don’t understand why women like to blame other women for what the men do. Right now it has got to the point where one slave has taken it upon themselves to post IC emotes about thinking that I think I’m special, and I’m lazy and I just sit around when FW get told to be served by Chance. But alot of that RP has been done when I’ve been either afk or on my phone at work where I don’t RP out scenes. So, my whole thing is women should really really get their facts straight, not jump to conclusions, and just calm the fuck down about Chance and Cruz joking around IC with people. Its a GAME people, I come on to roleplay with friends and shot people. There’s no reason for people to be cunts.

Okay So In –

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