March Fusion Looks

Heyyy! So Fusion March’s edition is out now! I had put together a couple of outfits for some Hot Spring / Summer trends and I’ll show them here on my blog a couple at a time since I did so many different looks. Don’t forget to check out Fusion Magazine.

March Fusion Looks

March Fusion Looks

March Fusion Looks Inside –

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I’m In Outer Space

Heyyy peoples. So this round of C88 that opened last night is filled with space type theme. Lots of awesome things to be bought there so make sure you visit! ♥

I'm In Outer Space

I’m In Outer Space Inside –

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Laid Back Kinda Style

Hi pretties. Some new stuff to show y’all. You’ve probably seen alot of it, but I put all kinds of things together to show you what I have! Alot of the new things are either from Summerfest or The Garden which both opened on the 15th at midnight SLT! ♥

Geek LOTD 785

Laid Back Kinda Style Inside –

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More Arcade Antics

Sorry y’all for the absence over the weekend. Usual RL work stuff ya’know? Anyways, did some buying/selling/trading for The Arcade and its been a freakin’ blast. I put together this outfit with some accessories and I really am super happy to do this post! My husband said I look like a Disney World tourist and I’m totally okay with that! Remember to jump on over to The Arcade when you get a chance! ❤

More Arcade Antics In –

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Don’t Be Confused

Really I don’t know.. but I had this outfit on while I was in Crack Den tonight, but if you work it around a little bit you can always wear it in Gor. 😀

Izzie came out with this new turtle neck which is ADORABLE and comes in 10 different colors!

Also this freakin’ cool ass fox scarf is AMAZINGNESS and is the sex and of course at Collabor88 for everyone’s liking.

So my chica Kirsty came out with a bunch of new poses! She also has two different stores – her original store now has some tamed down poses which I will be poses on this post in – and of course her sexy ass poses at another store here!

Did I mention my husband sells roleplay/DCS weapons? WELL HE DOES ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! He has made a MESH Glock! That’s right, its -amazing- and you all should go out and get that shit rightttt now!!! TP to Epic Arsenal!

Don’t Be Confused In –

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