Just Sexy Lingerie

Finally got this post done. I took pictures the other day with these cute mesh lingerie, then Onyx Wear put out another set soooo I wanted to start all over! Anyways, really loving this new mesh undies. Just adorable with the sexyness of the boobie showing! Each color was picked out by designer friends of Frank (Owner of Onyx Wear) and even one designed himself. Anyways enjoy! ❤

Just Sexy Lingerie In –

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Another Day at the Carnival

I adore Bouncer, and especially his poses. -Love- how he puts in the single pose packs a “mirrored” version so you can switch which direction you stand in, since that’s extremely helpful like in this instance where I wanted my face to be shown on one side instead of the hair!

Cynful released the new mesh shorts now in jean material! So excited for em!

Izzie’s came out with new mesh flats with flowers that are just adorable and come in several different colors! Go quick to pick up your pair! ❤

Another Day at the Carnival In –

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Okay so, I got this awesome stuff from ONYX Wear the other day and I almost peed myself because it’s Blink 182!! I loveeee them soo freakin’ hard, and even better that its mesh! Along with these awesome bright ass pink mesh jeans I’m sporting! Love it. Also new hair from Burley that is mesh with some awesome jewelry from Gossamer Jewellery. On MP there are packs where you can get the same type of jewelry all wrapped up in one awesome price. ❤


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So Loopy

Hai! New mesh to talk about. This dress, yup its mesh. Its from Loop and comes in 10 different colors. It has 2 different alpha layers with 3 different sizes. Great gorean outfit for you frees, but make sure to cover up your cleavage! :o! Also these boots are amazing and are from chronokit. Laces and inside change into different colors. Enjoy ❤

So Loopy In –

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Sunday’s Best

I know right, I look like a two cent whore. But come on – this dress is just pure sex – the boots? You can’t get any better than this hookerness! Anyways – the dress is amazinggg and from Medley. <33

Sunday’s Best In –

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Elements of Sin

Okay so, I have a bunch of items to show y’all since I was MIA for a couple days. Perfect Wardrobe is back today with the theme of Elements! Great theme with Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth items! Another event I’ve already talked about a couple of times is Festival of Sin! I’m showing you more items that you can pick up from there, not even close to done with showing what that event has to offer! ❤

Elements of Sin In –

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My Pumpkin

New mesh from Pumpkin. Love this caridgan with the pretty strips and something to just throw on with some jeans and shoes. Can’t go wrong with this piece right here. Comes in several different colors. Enjoy! ❤

My Pumpkin In –

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The Ronsem

NEW! Oh my godddd new mesh! Yes I said MESH! Another urban outfit BUT seriously I am in total love with these damn shorts along with this sweater! Shorts come in the one color but the pockets change different patterns. The sweater comes in I believe 5 or 6 different colors! Rush the hell over there and pick up your pair!! ❤

The Ronsem In –

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Pink Robots

Entire outfit revolved around these AMAZINGGG feet. Just in love. Saw Jade came out with these for Perfect Wardrobe and I quickly had to find some things to put together for an outfit. I know I look crazy and ridiculous again because usually I’m a very either black or brown kinda girl, but these bright colors are just being released everywhere. I really hope y’all enjoy these! (The feet come in either pink or purple and animate with flashing colors!)

Also these new eyes are mesh and are new from ONYX Wear. They come with a hud with several different pupil options along with eyes that are animated to move between the pupil sizes. Several different colors to pick from! ❤

Pink Robots In –

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Stars and Crosses

I’m really loving this look. This is something that I’d honestly wear IRL and just be completely comfortable in. The hair is a bit big up top so I don’t think I could pull that off, but otherwise just a great piece here.

The bag is from Pepper – its MESH and comes in 5 different colors.

Stars and Crosses In –

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