Long Boots

Oh hai! I know alot of new posts lately, but there’s so much good stuff releasing lately. These new boots are from Crazy and are just freakin’ hot! Soo sexy. I wasn’t sure that I can pull them in Gor, so another urban outfit for me!

Another new item I’m wearing is this mesh denim skirt from Loop. Comes in three different colors and all the sizes you need with the alphas! Enjoy! ❤ (Picture done a little differently because I was bored. lawl)

Long Boots In –

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Hooves Of Power

Sorry for the no post yesterday. I already blame Tyr and Bella for it! Jay Kay, I actually blame my internet for being an asshole. Anyways, this post is for The Whore Couture that will be happening March 1st! Here are a couple items that you can pick up there!


Hooves Of Power In –

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