Freya and Sexy

I was going through marketplace a couple days ago and came across this outfit. Just loved the sexiness it had to it. Also it comes with a free woman layers (even though you’d have to put a shirt on underneath to cover the cleavage). Amazing texture, just sexy as hell.

Also wanna talk about these new eyes and nails from Izzie’s! The eyes are meshhhhh and soo freakin’ realistic. Love the reflection there is off of the mesh. Comes in many colors! Another new item from Izzie’s is two new nails – metallic and classic. In this outfit I’m sporting the metallic nails, which of course comes with a HUD in several different color choices. ❤

Freya and Sexy In –

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Thistle Do!

Herro – I’m here to talk to you about a store called Thistle Do! that has some really really cute Gorean clothing for free women and slaves. I do suggest everyone to make their way over to there and picking up items. You won’t be let down! 😀 ❤

Thistle Do In –

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Playing Dress Up

Saw this new dress at Line the other day and decided it was definitely something to wear in Gor. I did try putting a long sleeve or tank top underneath but it just took away from the nice neckline it has. Also tried a jacket, but still took away from the dress. Free women might get collared for this, but they would look sexy doing it! LOL Enjoy! ❤

Playing Dress Up In –

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