The Stool

So, as I keep reminding you a new round of Fluid starts tomorrow Sunday 12 pm SLT. Theme is “That’s Risque” with the subcategories of Burlesque, S&M, and Voyeurism & Exhibitionism. This is my second item for the Burlesque subcategory and I’m really glad I’m doing it for an awesome person Bouncer with Bounce This Poses! Stool has 6 poses built in and its fully adjustable. Even to my tiny avie! Do not miss any of this rounds items, they are just full of sexy! ❤

The Stool In –

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My Fairy Tale

There is a dark side to every fairy tale. Well mostly. My avie stuck in that dark side, trying to stay away from good peering in. I hope you enjoy this post because I had some imagination blocks doing it! <33

My Fairy Tale In –

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Fantasy Faire Preview!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to be showing you all this! Panda Express are releasing new mermaid items for the Fantasy Faire and they are just AMAZING! The details put into it are just soo breath taking along with the options you get. The mermaid tails have a script in them where you can change the shell along with changing the starfish that is on the one side! The tentacle parts and the front jewels are what colors you’re picking when you decide on what kinda mermaid you wanna be! The two colors that will be 100% donation for the American Cancer Society for her set is Violence and Silver. Also there is a new hair piece that I’m sporting that goes along with the outfit! Also changes colors in the jewel, coral, and starfish! The faire will be open for all on April 21 – 29! Save your lindens for this event! <33

Fantasy Faire Preview In –

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Hooves Of Power

Sorry for the no post yesterday. I already blame Tyr and Bella for it! Jay Kay, I actually blame my internet for being an asshole. Anyways, this post is for The Whore Couture that will be happening March 1st! Here are a couple items that you can pick up there!


Hooves Of Power In –

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Oh So Blah

I’m back! I wasn’t gone long, feeling soo much better from my second ER trip last night! Kidney stones are a bitchhhh! So I’ve had this outfit on for a while because I’ve been wanting to post it, but have been sick. The shirt is from Blah! Love that freakin’ store so much! Also NEW MESH RIGGED HAIR from Magika! I know that was me being so freakin’ excited! ❤

Oh So Blah In –

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Ready For Battle

Love is a battlefield? Was just something I was throwing together, decided before I take it off I should go ahead and post it. Just a bunch of bits and pieces from here an there. Enjoy! ❤

Ready For Battle In –

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Pink Robots

Entire outfit revolved around these AMAZINGGG feet. Just in love. Saw Jade came out with these for Perfect Wardrobe and I quickly had to find some things to put together for an outfit. I know I look crazy and ridiculous again because usually I’m a very either black or brown kinda girl, but these bright colors are just being released everywhere. I really hope y’all enjoy these! (The feet come in either pink or purple and animate with flashing colors!)

Also these new eyes are mesh and are new from ONYX Wear. They come with a hud with several different pupil options along with eyes that are animated to move between the pupil sizes. Several different colors to pick from! ❤

Pink Robots In –

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