Balloon Dress

Mesh mesh mesh mesh – yup this dress AND boots are mesh. YES KYRO MORE MESH FOR YOU!! So yeah – EY:NO came out with this dress in several different colors. The boots are from Crazy one color but great detail! ❤

Balloon Dress In –

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Sweet Blues

Another urban outfit I put together on my RPing in Crack Den. You all know my obsession with mesh and these pants and purse are just amazing. Also the skin and necklace are from The Blue Dressing Room! Great items this week there! Oh and I told you about new hair – well here is the other hair from Burley that came out. Decided to put it with the Ana bottom for more length. ❤

Sweet Blues In –

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Goggled Up


New freakin’ goggles at LEO-NT! SO AMAZING MAKES ME CUM! Second new HAIRRRR from Wasabi Pills. Its so purdy you must has because its mesh! Yeah this post makes zero sense but I’m tired! lmfaoo

Goggled Up In –

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You Smell Fishy

Such newness that I had to do yet another post for today.

In -love- with this mesh shirt here. The only thing I had to do was make my tits and ass smaller – which is a shame, but for this item I’ll most definitely not whine about it! Comes in several different colors and so worth the L’s!

Also new HAIR from BURLEY! Woot! 3 new different ones to pick from, you can change the root color on all of them also! And this is just first of a couple new hairs I gotta show y’all! (Gorean minus heels and cleavage!)

You Smell Fishy In –

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Fairy Tale of a Perfect Wardrobe

Long title but it tells it all! Another round of Perfect Wardrobe is in effect right now. This is just a couple of the great items that are out right now! Also NEW landmark for the event also – so make sure you click on the one below! ❤

Fairy Tale of a Perfect Wardrobe In –

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Katy Perry Vs Lady GaGa

So today Kirsty decided that she was gonna dress up as Lady GaGa since she’s been listening to one of her songs all day long. Then I told her I’d pick a celebrity to dress up as then do a ridiculous post like we have below! After much debate – I decided on Katy Perry since I was looking for an excuse to wear the Rainbow hair from [e]! Anyways – this is the crazyness we put together!

Katy Perry In –

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Elfin’ Around

Okay so – NOT Gorean, but you all know what to do with the outfit. I know I haven’t been posting all Gorean lately – just know that the items that are posted can be made into other outfits. So, as that is said here is to the events that are going on –

Stockings from The Black Market! Just some great things there – including Epic, Razorblade Jacket, SAKIDE, Blah, and many many other great vendors!

Also Private Room where I got this skin from Al Vulo and the dress from SAKIDE! Just a bunch of great items at that event – get the fuck over there! <333

So I do want to also talk about this blindfold that is just -amazing-. Panda Express came out with 6 different styles of new blindfolds. This is only just one that I will be posting. It comes with the cross either rightside up or down. The texture even changes with many different colors! Please get your asses down there to grab them up!

These whiskers are also so freakin’ cute and just a great add on to this outfit – its from Tard Mart and they just have a great amount of different items at their store from tattoos, scarfs, poses, etc! Check it out!

Elfin’ Around In –

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Fluff Stuff

Still loving this hair, but gotta tell you about a sale that is going on. There is a 10L sale at Coloreta’s at the main store upstairs only. These pants I’m wearing are not in the sale, but seriously could not pass up not posting them. Just a great different style to wear around Gor for you sexy free women!

Something else want to talk about is this shirt + scarf by Epic. I mean look at it, such a sexy long sleeve shirt that has a low cut in the front then you can purchase the monkey scarf to cover that up in Gor. You really shouldn’t pass these items up which will be at GFW at Jersey Shore sim. Both items are 45L’s each and will be in the brown as pictured and sea green. She will be leaving them out at the sim until Friday.

All in all, GOOOO to Coloreta’s and Epic now!! ❤

Fluff Stuff In –

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My Slutty Escape

This is just an outfit I threw together today just to hop into Gor since I haven’t been around in a while. Trying to get back into the groove of things but Gor has been turning me off lately with the amount of drama that comes out of it. I wish everyone would just hug it all out! LOL, anyways, I hope you all enjoy this LOTD! ❤

My Slutty Escape In –

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Blacked Out

Another post for you lovelies! I am in love with these tube tops, just a great mesh piece from Celoe! Also the skirt was a bit modded – all I did was take the belt off of it. The hair is also new and just adorable, plus its mesh so its amazing. This skin is soooo amazing too! Its free if you are in the LAQ subscriber! *flails*

Blacked Out In –

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