Cuddle Me Up

I am in love with these sweaters. Some great rigged mesh by Maitreya.

Also this belt by GSpot is mesh, that goes with the skirt and a top with a belt top.

The last thing I want to quickly talk about is an apology on how slow I have been this holiday season on getting posts out there. I have been -extremely- busy IRL with family and dealing with immigration. I apologize to all the designers who have sent me items and how slow I have been on them. Alot of things IRL are on my plate right now and I am doing my damn best to get things out there. Please don’t take any offense to me not doing my hardest. Things will slow down after this weekend. And with that being said I will be gone starting tomorrow because I am going on a New Years cruise with the family to the Bahamas! I will be back Monday to rock some blogs for all you cuties out there! I do appreciate everyone designers/critics/followers for everything you have done for me this year. I love you all and everyone have a great New Year! <333

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I Pray

You know you’ve heard that song before, older country song. But sometimes it fits with some people. 😀 Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

I Pray In –

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Tis The Season

Season’s Hunt y’all, JUST GO AND DO IT because there is soooo much good shit! Especially this sweater that I want to thank my lovely friend Kirsty for helping me! And this hair, and and and the boots and yeah, go shopping!

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Magic On My Panda!

The name -sorta- says it all. I’m SO fucking excited Magika finally came out with some new hair. This is the first one I’m blogging because I was waiting for her to put out hair like Jess but that didn’t cover the eyes. I’m just in straight love right now. ALSO Panda Express came out with a new dress, in which I’m just sporting the prim top and skirt right now. LOVE it. So get you shopping on peeps! ❤

Magic On My Panda In –

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