They Are Among Us

Hey there! So another round of We ❤ RP has opened their doors! Excited to show you some more things! I am just a little late because we’ve been working really hard on opening our new main store! ♥

They Are Among Us

They Are Among Us Inside –

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She Can Sense Your Wanting

Hey pretties. Nakedness post, but just wanted to do something sensual again cause you know me. New jewelry at Fantasy Gacha Carnival along with this new hair from Little Bones at The Chapter Four! ♥

She Can Sense Your Wanting

She Can Sense Your Wanting Inside –

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She Would Move Buildings For Him

Hey there. Got some more new things here to show you. Hair Fair along with Secret Affair that opens today! Also a new event called ROMP. I just wanted to do something that tells a bit of a story! ♥

She Would Move Buildings For Him

She Would Move Buildings For Him Inside –

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The Secret Is Out

Hey there. So firstly I want to apologize for my long absence. I had a death in my family where I had to leave immediately and I was unable to contact anyone. Now I’m back and ready to get back into the grove of things. I have missed alot in a week and I’m gonna talk about just some in this post.

Firstly I know you’ve been to Hair Fair, but Exile has some great hairs there that you can give some character with your pictures. Love the new windblown looks.

Another Season’s Story is underway where I went and picked up this new skin by Glam Affair. A bit dark for what I usually wear, but I wanted to do something different.

Also The Secret Affair is opening up with a new round starting tomorrow which has alot of great designers involved. We were going to be involved in that event, but with the past week being so crazy we are unsure if we can be get our item done.

Also I really wanted to show you these earrings and bracelets with hand and ring jewelry that is still out at We ❤ RP by aisling. Their items are always the best.

The Secret Is Out

The Secret Is Out Inside –

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Tan Skin, Fat Ass

Hey thur. Some new things to show y’all. Mostly Noodles cause she’s awesome and even a new top by me and the husband! Weee. Another new round of The Boutique, The Garden, and Poser Pavilion are underway. Don’t forget to drop by! ♥

Tan Skin, Fat Ass

Tan Skin, Fat Ass Inside –

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Brunch Without Booze

Heyy! The title was via Natalee. She’s fucking classy. Anyways, new hair from Truth at C88, new hair clip from Noodles at C88, new dress from Vin Cue at The Season’s Story, and new heels from at The Season’s Story! ♥

Brunch Without Booze

Brunch Without Booze Inside –

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Naughty By Nature

Some more new things from Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Headdress if from .la petite morte. along with the collar which are both rares. The nails I’m showing better in this post is again from Wicked Peach and it’s the rare Mermaid pack! The bra is a rare by Roawenwood, their ultra rare comes with the bra and a corset! This hair is also completely adorable and new from Magika! The first pose will be at the Poser Pavilion soon by Picture This! ♥

Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature Inside –

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