Always Procrastinating

That’s me! When my husband is sleeping I usually should be working in mesh, but lately I’ve been really bad and hanging out with friends. Anyways, Berry came up with another fun meme to do and I’ll get right into it. Also remember even if you aren’t a blogger you can always post this in Flickr or in Plurk! ❤

Geek LOTD 741

Always Procrastinating Inside –

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Roller Derby Time!

Hey y’all. Decided I’d do a roller derby outfit with the newness from The Arcade and FaMEShed and !bang!! I’m gonna get right into this! ❤

Geek LOTD 735

Roller Derby Time In –

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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit, but I’ve been soo busy IRL. Ya know how that goes. Anyways, I wanted to show y’all some new stuff from Zodiac round for Aquarius and new Truth hair! Just enjoy the post! ❤

Gor LOTD 718

Aquarius In –

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I’m Flying Free

Oh heyyy! Sorry was MIA. Work has been really busy lately. So anyways, more Arcade antics and some FaMESHed stuffies. Really excited that I finally got the Unicorn wings by Auxiliary. Soooo pretty! Also new hair from Magika. There’s another one, but I’m gonna use that for another picture. 😀 ❤

Gor LOTD 702

I’m Flying Free In –

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The Costume Ball

Heyy! So the husband and I worked ALLLLLLLL day on our day off to get this outfit done. We are really happy with it, and I hope y’all will love it also! Its 100% mesh and only available at The Costume Ball on October 24th at 12 pm SLT! Also the mask comes with a script that can change to 8 different colors! This event is being ran by The Ego Co, and I’m extremely excited for it! So many great designers involved in this event! I’m taking a sneak peak picture inside the event, and its so spooky classy and amazing! ❤

The Costume Ball In –

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The Arcade

Hey hey! So there’s a new gacha event called The Arcade that will be opening Sept 15th to the public and I can’t wait to show you all the previews I have! I really just wanna do the happy dance right now its ridiculous. You all really will be dying for the items, I just know it! So I’ll just get right into it! <33

The Arcade In –

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Gorean Fox

Hai hai! Soo while I was at work the other day my girl Audrina posted this dress outfit that tres blah had released their outfits for Collabor88! I ran my ass right over there the next day and grabbed all of the colors. I thought it was just perfect for Gor having the coverage that it does. Also of course for you non Goreans, just take off the leggings underneath and you’ve got yourself a cute urban outfit. ❤ Enjoy

Gorean Fox In –

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Kim Is Gorean

Herro! Another post again for y’all tonight. Sorry I was late getting them out, had some IC things to do at Crack Den tonight! Anyways, this hot see through body suit is from KIM which is at Tropicalia Big Bazaar. Also these new boots at Crazy are like the black ones I’ve posted before. I wasn’t sure if they are “gorean” enough for people but of course if they aren’t even acceptable in GE then well don’t wear em! Wear em while you shop! LOL New hairs from Truth also, this I’m sporting is just one of them. Enjoy ❤

Kim Is Gorean In –

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My Brown Leggings

Hello all! I wanna speak to you allll about these great and amazing looking mesh leggings that are new and from Maitreya. Comes in either regular or with heels at the bottom. Love the textures and they sit very nicely on the hips. Obviously great for you Gorean lovers! <33

My Brown Leggings In –

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