Guns Blazin’!

Kirsty asked me to do a post with her on sporting my husband’s guns! So yeah! Totally look like hotties here!

Guns Blazin’ In –

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Packed Up

This outfit was actually made to go with the backpack that I purchased last night. Love love loveee the textures on it. ❤

Packed Up In –

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She Urt

I really really love this look today. My friend John and I decided that I look like a She Urt and its freakin’ awesome. I don’t think I’d ever play the part, but doesn’t mean I can’t try the look! 😀

She Urt In –

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Barefooted Harvy

Outta town yesterday so I wasn’t able to post anything, but here’s an outfit I threw together before leaving. Really really love these shorts, they are more of the baggy shorts I can never get enough of. Also this hair is adorable, gotta love headband hairs. ❤

Barefooted Harvy In –

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Sexy In Green

Slapped this outfit together last night. I decided to be a little bit more revealing than I have been lately. I kinda look like a slave, but I really don’t care. Its cute and well people can suck it!

Sexy In Green –

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