For Kirsty, My Mistress..

Hey there! Some new things to grab up here! A bit NSFW! ♥

For Kirsty, My Mistress..

For Kirsty, My Mistress Inside –

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Caged Beast

Hellooo! So the second round of Gorean Gacha will be opening up on April 10th, and we are in this round with one machine! We have made accessories along with a rigged chain top! Only 50L a play! Check out the items below! ♥

Caged Beast

Caged Beast Inside –

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The Name Is Moon Moon

I had to do it. Not even sorry. So new things here from Fantasy Gacha being the Aisling along with our own rope harness at the event. ♥

The Name Is Moon Moon

The Name Is Moon Moon Inside –

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A Fisherman’s Delight

Hey thur. Some more new things to show y’all. Especially this adorable hair by Truth. Also the scarf and leggings are by my friend Titan with his store Equinox that will be at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival along with one of our items that hasn’t been released yet for the event, Body Rope. Lastly the backpack by PFC that they did a machine for. Such good things. ♥

A Fisherman's Delight

A Fisherman’s Delight Inside –

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A Pirate’s Life For Me

Heyyyy thur. So Fantasy Collective this round is PIRATESSSS. Of course it’s a freaking amazing round and all I kept saying is “WE WANT THE RED HEAD, WE WANT THE RED HEAD!” hopefully my Disney fans get that reference! So I’m wearing a bunch of new things that are pirate and posed with things that are pirate. I hope you enjoy! ♥

A Pirate's Life For Me

A Pirate’s Life For Me Inside –

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Can I Be At Your Boot?

Hey hey! New things here from Soedara that I thought were pretty nifty. This camisk actually has three little silk parts that come down but the hud that comes with it you can make the parts transparents or different percentages of transparency. A bunch of colors to choose from that also has other jewelry in the pack. Also I love this hair from taketomi. ♥

Can I Be At Your Boot?

Can I Be At Your Boot Inside –

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I Hope You Suffer

Hey hey! I hope you’ve heard this song by now. AFI’s I Hope You Suffer. If you haven’t, do it now. Anyways, just wanted to show off some new things from Cynful, Apple May, and Moon with from Forge. ♥

I Hope You Suffer

I Hope You Suffer Inside –

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