Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy

Hey! Still got some more things to show y’all with The Secret Affair event. I told y’all I’ve never seen/read the Game of Thrones so I’m doing my best. Also the slave outfit I’m wearing is from Soedara and it comes with two different version of the camisk. One just has less beads than what I have on. Also with the pack that you pick, you’ll get 3 different colors to choose from and with those three colors there’s an ombre so really you get 6 different color camisks. Also the belt I made a little dangly bit clear so you can’t see it cause I’m just weird like that.

The necklace from Zibska and has a long and short version which this is the rare that has all the colors in it! Also it comes with a headpiece which I’m not wearing. The headpiece that I am wearing it the exclusive from Keystone. I love her things. Lastly this choker is from Yum Yum which is also at the event which has a HUD that changes it to silver or gold and the pendants and dragons are even able to change colors! ♥

Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy

Gold Is For Those That Are Worthy Inside –

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The Beast In Me

Heyyy! So remember that the new event The Secret Affair is opening April 6th at 12 SLT and it’s theme is Game of Thrones. I have a confession to make though. I’VE NEVER WATCHED THE SHOW. So in that case, I really can’t do the show it’s justice with some of these pieces so I’ll be wearing them with random outfits and things. Don’t get upset if not politically correct! ♥

The Beast In Me

The Beast In Me Inside –

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What I Do On The Side

So I had said to Plurk earlier that I didn’t know if I wanted to blog this dress as Gorean or Urban and well they wanted me to do both so here it is! One slut version and another slut.. urban version! This dress is pretty nifty since it comes with a HUD to change the clothing texture and the chain texture. They will be featured at the Whore Couture fair when it opens soon. ♥

What I Do On The Side

What I Do On The Side

What I Do On The Side Inside –

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Let Me Be Your Cupid

Some new things! We ❤ RP things. Cute stuff. Do it. Go there. Oh, make sure you take off scripts cause you’ll get booted. LOL.

Also Berry did a meme this week on black and white portraits so below I’ll have my version on there too! Check out her meme here. ♥

Let Me Be Your Cupid

Let Me Be Your Cupid Inside –

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Blow That Horn!

So, I was visiting my friend Dhav who I call Muh Squishy over at Norvs and while he was playing LoL I decided that I was gonna blog this outfit after all. And what better way to do it was by looking like I was running away from the camp! Some new stuff from Fantasy Gacha Carnival and Enchantment! ♥

Blow That Horn!

Blow That Horn Inside –

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Like Gliding On Water

Heyyyy peoples! Some more things for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! This dress is absolutely beautiful and by Cellar Door. Comes in 5 different colors along with 2 rare headbands and an ultra rare headband that I’m sporting. ♥

Like Gliding On Water

Like Gliding On Water Inside –

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Slut’s Hangout

Hey people’s! Obviously since I’ve been more involved in Gor it’s easier for me to do posts in Gor so here is another one! I really am enjoying so many items from Fantasy Gacha Carnival. So much goodness to be had! ♥

Slut's Hangout

Slut’s Hangout Inside –

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