I Wish It Was In The Past

Hello there. I know long time. I had a discussion yesterday with a certain someone about my creative outlet. He mentioned that most likely my blogging has declined because my creative has been put solely into my stores Haste and Oaken. It’s been bothering me that my pictures just aren’t what they used to be and my creativity has declined in that area. So with that being said I am going to TRY to find it again. I did a couple here and another one that I’ll post tomorrow or so. But here is an outfit I’m currently wearing in Gor. ♥

I Wish It Was In The Past

I Wish It Was In The Past Inside –

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One With Nature

Hey there. So many new things. Firstly the across the nose chain is by the amazing balls Natalee Oodles of Noodles. She has the gold and silver out for FLF right now! Also the headress is new from Keystone. The staff is new from aisling at We ❤ RP which comes in silver and gold and a HUD! Lastly 3 new items from Chapter Four which opened the other day! ♥

One With Nature

One With Nature Inside –

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She’s A Temptress

Hey pretties. Some new things here by Alchemy that’s featured at Fantasy Gacha Carnival! Also We ❤ RP has opened it’s doors for another round with things from The Forge, Just Design, and Aisling.
First about Alchemy. The top, belt/skirt, collar, axe, and scythe come with a HUD to change different parts of the items. Especially the cloth which comes in a couple different colors. Defintely can mix and match with other outfits! The axe and shield though are in the male’s gacha machine, the rest that I’m wearing is the female’s machine.
The Forge items I’m wearing which is the leg wrap is at Fantasy Gacha Carnival as a common item, the mesh face tattoo is at We ❤ RP by them.
The sandals are by Just Design which are to be worn with their flat mesh feet that comes in several different colors also at We ❤ RP. Love these sandals. Perfect for Gor.
Hair is by Pr!tty which is in a gacha at Chapter Four that had opened yesterday! ♥

She's A Temptress

She’s A Temptress Inside –

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The Skirt Look

Newness from Magika with these cute pigtail look. Rigged mesh and has the duo pack with different colors that I’m sporting in the picture! Also new shirt and skirt. Shirt from Suicidal Unborn with several different designs along with skirt from Spirit that is mesh and also has a couple different colors. ❤

The Skirt Look In –

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Katy Perry Vs Lady GaGa

So today Kirsty decided that she was gonna dress up as Lady GaGa since she’s been listening to one of her songs all day long. Then I told her I’d pick a celebrity to dress up as then do a ridiculous post like we have below! After much debate – I decided on Katy Perry since I was looking for an excuse to wear the Rainbow hair from [e]! Anyways – this is the crazyness we put together!

Katy Perry In –

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I Pray

You know you’ve heard that song before, older country song. But sometimes it fits with some people. 😀 Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

I Pray In –

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Girl Next Door

Yesterday while wearing this outfit, I was referred to as “the girl next door” but the I had “too much cleavage showing”. Boys get so angry about the cleavage. lawl. Enjoy the look ❤

Girl Next Door In –

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All Shades of Pink

Blah had a different skirt on for a good bit of the day, until I finally just couldn’t take that it didn’t match at all. Finally found a skirt that was definitely going to work with the pink top. Enjoyyyyy

All Shades of Pink In –

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White and Nerdy

Don’t ask about the title, it just came to mind when I looked at this outfit. LOL I feel like a total geek today, but hey I’m never ashamed to say that I am one! Enjoy everyone ❤

White and Nerdy In –

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True Gorean Geek!

So my friend Ceres always thinks he can out geek me. He is so fuckin’ wrong! I AM the Gorean GEEK! WOOT! Anyways, put this outfit together and definitely feel like a true geek. Suck it J!

True Gorean Geek In –

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