He Keeps Me Alive

Hey y’all! Wanted to do a post with the man today though again I dressed him and did the shots. Had to go get his avie the new jacket and hoodie from Entente. I think its sooooo hot. Js.

Also this new dress from Cynful which is featured at The Boobie Show that you will not need any Lolas to wear it. Kinda like that idea of not having another attachment or changing skin colors!

Like I talked about the other day LaRoo’s main store is officially open and these boots were another feature of the new opening! Comes in several different colors with different straps!

Lastly I wanted to show y’all HANDverk’s new earrings which will be at L’accessoires this round. There are 5 different colors of these sweet treats that hang from your ears, all which I tried to show you in the little bubbles on the picture!

Gor LOTD 706

He Keeps Me Alive In –

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A Day With Harvest and Auston! NSFW!

Heyyy! So I wanted to cover a bunch of new items for y’all in this one post so I thought of doing an entire day going through the lives of the SL Harvest and Auston! We’ve known eachother for 4 years now and been best friends since we met in an urban RP sim. Now that we are married IRL, we still spend our down time in SL to have fun and chat with friends. We don’t really do the RP thing anymore, but I thought it would be cute to do a blog post like I’m telling a story line on a day with Harvest and Auston. So I hope you enjoy my little story book though be aware I’m not a professional writer. I know I get a bit jumbled up, but this is just for fun! (PS – I know I’ll have different hair colors along with different skins, but due to the looks and being a blog post also I couldn’t do them all the same!) <33

A Day With Harvest and Auston In –

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Girl Next Door

Yesterday while wearing this outfit, I was referred to as “the girl next door” but the I had “too much cleavage showing”. Boys get so angry about the cleavage. lawl. Enjoy the look ❤

Girl Next Door In –

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Business Casual

Gotta love the prim vests, its like being able to wear multiple jacket layers on Phoenix but not really. Yeah its early and that just sounded dumb, but oh well. I hope y’all enjoy this look! ❤

Business Casual In –

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Let’s Go OOC!

Been OOC with my man all night. It has sucked being away from him for 2 weeks on a shitty laptop with no webcam. Seriously made me a sad panda, so we’ve been OOC all night taking pictures and just plain hanging out until bed time. I love this man to pieces, and of course for the rest of our lives. <3333 (I did do this post a little different. I’ll post each picture separately with the details on my own outfit only. If you want to know anything about what Cruz is wearing, look at any of my previous notices with him in it, if its clothing the just shoot me an IM and I’ll give you the details! <3)

Let’s Go OOC In –

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Earth To Harvest!

The last of posts of things right now. I will probably have another one tonight, but I kinda wanna spend sometime with my man! I hope y’all enjoy this and PLEASE go get Grixdale’s two new skins out. Ren and Teagan 2. ❤

Earth To Harvest In –

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Dangerously Sweet

I’m here to remind y’all once again that Tiny Bird is going out of business so you gotta hop over there and get her items before they are all gone. Also, rockin’ another one of Jet’s boots. So cute.

Dangerously Sweet In –

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So this might look a little panther and I wasn’t going for that look. The look I was going for was…well I have no idea. Basically I saw this bear cloak and head gear and just came in my RL pants. So this is what I put with it. Yeah I thought long and hard, and ugh..ended up with a flower on my vag..

Wearin’ a Bear –

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Pilgrims and INDIANS!

Oh yush, I lookie like an Indian with this hair, but its fucking CUTE. Also please go check out Ambitions. Its an new good clothing store for girls, and the creator is a sweet heart! So run, go, buy, support her and shit!

Pilgrims and INDIANS In –

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