Guess What!!

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!! I am soooooooooooo freakin’ excited. The big quarter of a century old. Yes that’s right all you gals and gents. I will be a big 25 years old! Anyways here some new items from Pepper. I didn’t picture the necklace and the mouth piece. They have a cute super glow but made my picture look really washed out, but still go run and pick em up!

Guess What In –

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Black And White Wardrobe!

Okay kiddos! Another wonderful round of Perfect Wardrobe. This week will be Black and White! Wewt! I am totally in love with so many items this time around. The one thing that I am most excited about it Aura’s mesh corset BUT I can’t wear/post it yet being as I don’t use a mesh viewer. -But- for the ones who do, you better get your asses there to get up your sexy corset. All other items are just fantastic. So many different items I’m gonna do my best to post them all!

Black and White Wardrobe In –

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I Pray

You know you’ve heard that song before, older country song. But sometimes it fits with some people. 😀 Anyways enjoy this post! ❤

I Pray In –

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YAY! Zebra!

So I saw Suicidal Unborn come out with these new panties on Flickr and I hurried my huge ass over to the store hoping they were already up. My prayers were answered and there they were. Hanging on the wall for my buying abilities. I slapped those babies on right away and went on making an outfit with it. Seriously one of my favorites since I really am into zebra print right now IRL. Anyways, I really hope y’all enough this post as much as I.

Yay! Zebra In –

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My Camo

Kept having to find the perfect things to go with these pants and NV comes out with cute camo top. Had to go a little dirty slut style, but here y’all go! Another Gorean Geek LOTD! ❤

My Camo In –

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All Warmed Up

All you remember there is FLF going on right now, including these cute shorts with legging pant combo going on at Loop! Tried to do a spiffy free woman outfit combo here! ❤

All Warmed Up In –

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Vintage Fair!

I’m dead serious, and get excited because tomorrow Nov 11th is the Vintage Fair. Oh yeah baby, I’m savin’ the L’s. Here are a couple of items that will be out for it. Now the only downside to this is swimming in a sea of lag!! ❤

Vintage Fair In –

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Frosted Over.

I put this outfit together around the shrug. Love this thing and have been waiting for her to open her store back up but didn’t realize it was on the marketplace until the other day. Saw this shrug on muh chica Danni! Anyways, enjoy. ❤

Frosted Over In –

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Peek A Boob?

So the hubs has told me all night that he was in love with my outfit that is hot, so I decided to go ahead and blog this one even though I had something else in mind. Kinda threw it together quickly, but I got alot of new accessories from LEO-NT ❤ and Pepper <3.

Peek A Boob In –

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I just love this time of the year – I still am not feeling it IRL since its still hot, but I can always get all bundled up on SL with all kinds of new outfits. I did in the same post a free woman and slave outfit with what I was wearing. Undies are brand spankin’ new from Linc – and I want to give a huge thanks to Izzie’s and Needful Things / Sweet Leonard for this outfit. ❤

Winter In –

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