Having A Little Fun

Hay hay! Some new things from C88 here along with Arcade items! Weeeeeeee. ♥

Having A Little Fun

Having A Little Fun Inside –

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The Librarian

Hello peoples. So this is my first Shoetopia entry and I’m really excited to show y’all. What’s Shoetopia you say? Well it’s a new show event that’ll be opening November 15th (by the way, that’s my RL birthday). So with that being said this first entry I knew I had to use Fri.day’s new heels called Everyday Heels. Comes in 15 different colors and even 4 of them being GLITTER! Of course they fit your SLink Enhanced Medium feet! ♥

Shoetopia 2013 Entry - Harvest Dezno

The Librarian Inside –

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Being In The Library

Heyyyyy peoples! So some new things for y’all. Like this shirt from Plastik and this hair from Truth. Also had to keep wearing the new Pink Fuel skin Harley! ♥

Being In The Library

Being In The Library Inside –

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Backyard Barbeque

Hey y’all. So I wanted to do a post with my girlfriend Terrence because well IT’S A BARBEQUE BATHING SUIT PARTY THINGY!! So yeah, she did her own post so you gotta check out hers at her blog Dryhumps! New bathing suits though from coldlogic and FATEwear! ❤

Geek LOTD 775

Backyard Barbeque Inside –

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With the Girls

Oh heyyyy! So Oakley, Miranda, and I wanted to show y’all these new jeans from Villena that released yesterday. They are both lovers of the Villena regular jeans and I love myself some high rise pants so I knew I had to grab them for this post. Dunno if they will be doing their own, but in Flickr I’ll ask if anyone wants to know what they are wearing for them to add comments on what it is! ❤
Check out Oakley’s blog here.
Check out Miranda’s blog here.

Geek LOTD 752

With the Girls Inside –

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Up Up And Away!

Hey hey! So for days I had been trying to get the new Burley hair, but the sim kept going down! Well the owner finally put the new hairs on mp so I quickly purchased them, but didn’t really get time to blog last night! So here is some newness for y’all. The skirt is from Emery which is at FaMESHed with several different colors, the hair is like I said from Burley and also has a new yogurt colored pack to check out! The pose is new from Rack Poses and it at Kirsty’s PG store which are freakin’ adorable! ❤

Up Up And Away In –

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Tourist Escapades

This isn’t underneath my bloggers challenge because you all know that I have blogged with this chick before, but we went all out and touristy infront of the The Arcade event! I may look a bit ridiculous, but its freakin’ serious this is like an outfit I’d wear to Disney when I go IRL! LOL, And Bells decided she’d get in on the action of lookin’ like a ridiculously awesome tourist too! You can check out all of her credits on her blog ohhmaiblog, but of course you’ll be seeing mine here! Enjoyy! ❤

Tourist Escapades In –

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The Harvest Report

Picked up some more items from Collabor88. Really excited to get this post out because I actually feel in love with putting it together last night. Feel like a reporter or something. Also excited because I picked up the new Pink Fuel skin called Kumi. If you haven’t made your asses over there, you better do it now because its soooo cute with a ton of tones to choose from and of course eye make ups! <33

The Harvest Report In –

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Pin Wheel

So I haven’t been blogging lately because I’m still having issues with my computer. Tonight I just couldn’t handle it, and went for it anyways. This is what I get outta it, but I’m loving this outfit right now. Such an adorable throw on new mesh shirt from mon tissu! <33

Pin Wheel In –

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So I was bothering people on Plurk about it being Monday and how I have off so I decided to do a post on what I do IRL and how it is to have a day off to me! LOL Anyways, enjoy! <33

Monday’s In –

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