Your Karma

Another very very adorable outfit from Returned Karma. This entire outfit is for 25L Tuesday today! I really love how you can do many many things with this outfit. Take off the pants and be all slavey, or slap a long sleeve shirt underneath it for a free woman! Go run and get it lovers! ❤

Your Karma In –

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Super Karma

New outfits from Returned Karma. I miss my chica Jada and her wonderful creations. I have this outfit and another one to put up for you guys so make sure to check back on the newest outfits she has come out with! ❤

Super Karma In –

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Can’t See Meh!

Puttin’ on a little disguise for y’all along with a new outfit from Returned Karma! I adore Jada and all that she does with her store. The items she comes up with are just so different and can be worked with in several different ways. This outfit is her first of her new line she’s brewing up right now, and its only available on the marketplace. Comes in three different colors, black, white, and brown. ❤

Can’t See Meh In –

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Returned My Karma!

Another post I’m doing with my slave avie that I love so dearly. I’m SO sorry Jada I didn’t get this outfit out soon enough because of my fucking RL work, but here it is. I feel so cute in this thing its so freaking cozy!

Returned My Karma In –

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Its been a long ass weekend, seriously want to cry from lack of air conditioning in this house. Sleeping sucks everyday, so fml. Also been working alot, which sucks along with trying to roleplay more than pew pew. So here is another outfit. The shirt’s store is no longer open, BUT its still an outfit idea. 😀

Distractions In –

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25L Tuesday You Say?

Oh why yes! Yes it is 25L Tuesday and Karma has a new outfit for everyone to enough for a wonderful low price of 25L! Wait I said that already! Anyways, I freaking love love love this outfit. Both for a free and for a slave. Go RIGHT NOW and pick up the outfit because ya know, Tuesday is only for so long y’all! ❤

25L Tuesday You Say In –

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Jada passed me another outfit and I put it on and immediately went TURTLE TURTLE from that one movie I completely can’t even think of. But anyways, I freaking lot this outfit. Its got that cross between a slave or free outfit. Of course I look slavie without any leggings on, but damn this outfit is hawt. Jada, it looks awesome like always <3!

Turtle! In –

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Newww Karma!

So I started looking through my inventory for something to throw on for a quick blog before bed, and who then no other than Jada comes to my rescue! God she’s so freaking awesome! This top and shorts are to cream for, OH and they come in several different colors. Go pick them up like RIGHT FUCKING NOW! GO! Okay bye!

Newww Karma In –

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