Swimsuit Season

So many new shiz, which for some reason are like mostly swimsuits so I decided to do an entire post on just the new releases of em! <33

Swimsuit Season In –

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Yellow Chick

One of the things that I always wish that I could pull off IRL is wearing yellow like my avie. Yellow makes my RL skin look really washed out. Sad face. But of course that’s what SL is for, and here I’m sporting an outfit from [A] Limited and some hot mesh shorts from Baiastice. One of my new favorite shorts now, for sure. Enjoy! ❤

Yellow Chick In –

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Blue Lamb

New hair from lamb.! Freakin’ loveee the one I’m wearing. Just one of the two new ones, and I got these awesome two toned pack! Not the usual color on me, but I wanted something different!

Also the outfit is a new one from Izzie’s for the Back to Black Event, along with the purse from Aura.

Blue Lamb In –

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Its Nordic Time

Just a little outfit I threw together for you cute free’s out there. I do believe all of Celoe’s items are amazing, but these shorts are great with Gor, even if frees can throw some leggings underneath. Also same thing goes for the turtleneck.

Newwww earmuffs for the winter also from BOOM! Lots and lots of colors, great mesh design with the flowers on the ears, and great textures like always! In several different colors! ❤

Its Nordic Time In –

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Boom Baby

LOVEEEEEEE the this dress! Just fucking epic right here! Boom made me cum – just saying. Anyways – this dress comes in 29 different colors! ALSO I haven’t blogged it yet but at Collabor88 she also put out the dress but they are different cute patterns with an argyle print in the middle.

Magika also came out with this new sexyyyy hair! Gotta go get yours now!

And I got this new skin from Collabor88 too! Illusory came out with one with blonde eyebrows and brown. Loving the lips so freakin’ much!

Necklace / Earrings are a subscribo gift from MIEL. Beautiful items of course.

At the Cupcake sim they are having an event with some great items in their courtyard. Got these cute ass rings from there made by PIDIDDLE. I also picked up a necklace by [ glow ] studio, it didn’t go with the outfit but its a ROBOT and Kirsty’s awesomeness told me about this! ❤

Boom Baby In –

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Shrug Cynfully

This are such a sexy sexy shrug. Cynful just does amazing things each time there’s a release. This shrug comes in several different colors and designs. You sluts out there better go get this because the men will be kneeling for your sexiness! lol ❤

Shrug Cynfully In –

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Jane’s Sale

Okay sooooooooooooo I got the notice yesterday about a 50% off sale at Jane. SERIOUSLY I couldn’t contain myself. I went all out on all mesh items. Like I love her mesh stuff in the first place, but now I pretty much have everything in every color! Anyways – this is what I put together. Oh and this super cute skin from The Sugar Garden – except I’m not sure it even looks good on me! ❤

Jane’s Sale In –

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Please Read

Just another post but with some information I want to get out there to everyone.

It really makes me sad that I have to repeat this in another post but I guess it needs to be said. – My blog was originally made for those Gorean’s out there that had -no- idea there was more out there than your everyday Gorean wear. I still support all Gorean clothing creators, but other items from creators all over SL can also be put into their everyday outfits in Gor. It was a way for avatars in Gor to become more unique than all about long kilts and camisks. It was also made to support all of the SL creators out there with their beautiful designs and to literally just say “Thank you” for their hard work!

Now – like I’ve said before – not all of my posts were meant to be taken the entire outfit into Gor. BUT the pieces that are used are able to be contributed into Gor. Some of my outfits may be obviously Gorean looking, some might just have some good leggings or boots or hair and accessories. I never ever have cared if someone is in Gor walking around with an exact outfit that I blogged, yet again its why I do this. I love seeing things like that, its amazing that I could impact someone that way.

So basically I want to let -everyone- know that if you have ANY problems with my outfits/blog to PLEASE get into my IMs in world or Flickr mail me. I have a ZERO tolerance for drama. I do no do it in Flickr and on the blog. I have a busy RL with my husband and I get on to SL to spend the money we make in world to keep this blog going! I do not need to be logging on to see someone slandering my Flickr with comments that are blatantly rude and could have been said in a different manor. My Flickr is there for me to talk with friends, show my blog to those who like to see it, and look at other’s beautiful pieces of work. No where does it say “I love drama so talk shit on my posts”.

This was seriously NOT to cause drama at all whatsoever, this was done for those who do have these kind of opinions to just come to me with what they have to said in IMs like mature adults then to be high school where everyone can see.

I really do appreciate everyone who support me on this blog and have had me keep this going. Several times I have thought of just stopping, but there are many that have just told me they enjoy it too much and they love what I do. So to those, I praise you. I love you all! <333

Please Read In –

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My Delusions

Another round of Grenade Free Wednesday! I know I already did a post on Epic’s items for this week, but now I want to talk about Delusions! Its the sexy slutty skirt I am sporting right hur. There are 9 different colors to choose from at 65L each, OR the fat pack at 299L! So girlies – get your sexy asses down there for this great item with an awesome fuckin’ price! ❤

My Delusions In –

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Katy Perry Vs Lady GaGa

So today Kirsty decided that she was gonna dress up as Lady GaGa since she’s been listening to one of her songs all day long. Then I told her I’d pick a celebrity to dress up as then do a ridiculous post like we have below! After much debate – I decided on Katy Perry since I was looking for an excuse to wear the Rainbow hair from [e]! Anyways – this is the crazyness we put together!

Katy Perry In –

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