Love Or Hate?

New round of Perfect Wardrobe is underway. This round it is revolved around the Valentine’s holiday that is coming upon us very soon. Love how each designer here did their spin on the holiday how they and the consumers could take this “Forever Alone” holiday. My RL will be the first with my husband this year. I work the actual day, but doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating it this coming weekend. Bow chica bow wow! ❤

Love Or Hate In –

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Spotted Fun!

I’ve had this outfit sitting in my inventory for a while, been waiting for a moment to be able to throw it out there since I’ve had so many other things been going on. I’m now able to do it because I can’t sleep. My dog keeps chewing and keeping me up all night long, thank god I’m on vacation though so sleep isn’t something I gotta have! Anyways, enjoy this outfit. Just a bunch of Leopard-ness! ❤

Leopard Fun In –

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Christmas Colors

Some more Christmas items for everyone!

Antlers are just amazing and come in 6 different colors!

The hooves are one of 4 different colors that are available from Epic for Grenade Free Wednesday! The other colors are black and grey, black and red, grey and red, and the one I’m wearing Christmas!

Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy ❤

Christmas Colors In –

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