Newness here! First will be the sweater that is from LooP! Love this MESH sweater that comes in 12 different colors and color changing undershirt! Such a great piece!

Also this MESH skirt is from SAKIDE! Of course the skirt comes in all different sizes with the alpha! Several different colors to come from.

The skin I’m wearing is the new Aura skin line that I just blogged earlier called Helena, but its the VIP gift! Tyr always amazes me with her lines. The shading and all the little marks on the skin are so cute. Love the lips on this one too! Also comes in a Paper tone that is limited for the VIP gift. Its one of her lightest tones!

Enjoys! <33

Loop SAKIDE In –

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My Epicness

Decided to do a really hot outfit with the new Epic releases! First wanna talk about the new body suits by Epic. There are 12 different colors to choose from. Sooo freakin’ sexy!

Also these legs are so freakin’ amazing. Animated lights changing colors just freakin’ cool shiz. They come in 12 different colors like the body suits to match. Of course you may recognize them because I blogged the purple ones when they were out for Perfect Wardrobe!

The backpack of course is also Epic! She made them in 5 different colors for FTLO Black Market event! The event is Valentine’s Day and I’m wearing the one with a sad emoticon face on the heart, but there’s happy ones too!

These NAILS are fucking AMAZINGGGG! They are Izzie’s new Glitter nails with a HUD for you in the Zombie Popcorn hunt which started tomorrow. I have alot more new items to show you for the hunt so watch out for them! (BTW I’m never taking these nails off!)

Lastly wanna talk about the skin – its an exclusive skin for Valentine’s Day for The Sugar Garden for only 300L’s! Such a cute freakin’ face, but its a release with the new Steffy skin which I showed you the other day. Comes only in the Lolita tone with only brown brows and non cleavage also w/ cleavage. I just used my Steffy tattoo layer for my blonde brows with the skin. 😀

Enjoy lovies! ❤

My Epicness In –

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Some Cold Logic

So new store just opened today called Cold Logic. All mesh all the time. I know some of all have the mesh obsession like I do so I had to quickly get this out there for you all to see! Obsessed with this outfit though, I feel so school girl with a cross of kick ass bitch style!

Also new skin! I am a skin whore and I am in love with this one! Its from the owner of Wynter and Tailleurs Putain! Her new skinline is called Arenesmee Skins and they are sooooo freakin’ pretty! Many different options of freckles along with blonde, medium brown, dark brown, red, and black brows.

The final thing I want to talk about is I am doing my first post with wonderful, adorable, sweet, and awesome blogger Lauren Minuet! She approached me the other day while bumping into eachother at a store and she is soooo freakin’ sweet! I am sooo freakin’ honored to be doing this, but like I usually do – to see her outfit you MUST go to her page! <33333

Some Cold Logic In –

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The Reds

Wanted something different with this hair and thought it looks damn sexy in RED! Also feel a vintage look with the hair so did a twist of urban with it. I hope you all enjoyyy! ❤

The Reds In –

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