Cynfully Unhinged

Some new things to talk to y’all about. First, the fundraiser event called Unhinged is underway! Alot of great gacha items to go pick up there! More information on the event in here. Secondly, Cynful has out a new hoodie which I am sporting here. Its so casual and of course 100% mesh. Comes in several different colors. Also Exile has released 3 new hairs the other day. Sporting one of them, I’ll show you the rest later this weekend! ❤

Cynfully Unhinged In –

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Showing Off

Hey hey all. Posting a little late today since I was last minute called into work, but I really wanted to show y’all Cynful’s new mesh jeans that I featured to you later week but now these torn version is currently being told at The Dressing Room! Remember that there are 3 different leg versions, skinny, boot cut, and flare! Another new item I want to show y’all is SAKIDE’s mesh panchos that are soo freaking cute. I couldn’t stand to put anything under this thing because it just looked so perfect why itself. And the heels, just look at these things. They are sexy! And I’ll be showing them off more because I’m in loveee with them! Maitreya did right with em! Lastly, this new cute pigtail hair by Truth! ❤

Showing Off In –

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The Interview

Heyyyyy. I’m back from my long work weekend and ready to show y’all some more newness from Cinema! I know I did a bit of nudity in my last post, but I wanted to also do some in this one with the amazing new mesh couch set from HANDverk which has soo many different poses to click on and of course can be found at Cinema. Also wanted to really show you up close the amazing clutch and heels Daphne made for the event that I am in LOVE with. They fit perfectly with eachother, don’t you think? Heels and clutch come in an array of colors and are all mesh. ❤

The Interview In –

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Skater Girl

Hey hey! Got bored last night and took some pictures. Freakin’ in love with them and the outfit! Check it! ❤

Skater Girl In –

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Last Hurrah!

I went a little over board with the editing of these pictures but I wanted to have them combined into one instead of uploading 4 pictures! Remember the hunt starts on the 1st ending on the 21st so get your hunting on for these amazing items! <33

Last Hurrah In –

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Cleaned Up

I know, I can clean up a bit! Still all about this tattoo so I had to look a little edgy with this look! Newness from SAKIDE for you. Dress is mesh, of course, and comes in several different colors. The cute sandals also come in different colors, along with a HUD for the heels to match your skin! Hair is new, and mesh in which I am in love with. Great braid! Still loving the new League skin from last night. Amazingggg <33

Cleaned Up In –

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So I was bothering people on Plurk about it being Monday and how I have off so I decided to do a post on what I do IRL and how it is to have a day off to me! LOL Anyways, enjoy! <33

Monday’s In –

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